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B'lore to Hyd

-We reached Bangalore Airport just in time for boarding, courtesy - the cab we booked turned up 20 mins late. We checked in our luggage and waited for the security check in the queue. Usually, the line for the ladies is longer and takes time. But this time, I came out with R much faster to see hubby still stuck. He was the third person in the queue. Then as the queue moved forward, I realized that the queue he was in was just to place the cabin luggage on the scanner trail. There was another huge line beside this one for the actual security screening. Just then, a flight attendant came up to announce that the boarding call for our flight was nearly over and any passengers left out must hurry. I frantically waved out to hubby and conveyed him to hurry. I was simultaneously managing R who was amused by the scene and insisted on getting across the security counter from the wrong side! Hubby requested the guy in the front to let him go first. From the man's gestures one could understand that he was not willing to let the hubby ahead of him. I was furious, how can anybody not have a slight consideration for the other's plight! Hubby said something else to him and then the man let him. It seems the man had thought that hubby wanted to jump the queue because I was unable to manage R on my own and wanted him to come fast. How people just jump to conclusions!

-After collecting the cabin luggage, we rushed to the gate and boarded the airbus. We were among the last three to board the flight.

-Had a pleasant flight and were welcomed with awesome weather at Hyderabad.

-As we proceeded to the Aero-express bus stand, I saw a young girl waiting with a bouquet and an air of anticipation; smile and excitement lit up her face as soon as she saw someone, possibly her husband/boyfriend/fiance, walk up to her, the delight on his face matching hers. It was a cute sight, as they broke into a warm and quick hug.

-The next bus to our destination was at least 45 minutes later. So, we took a stroll around the bus stand where we found a crowd collected. It was a film shooting. All excited, I started to look for some familiar and popular face. Hubby remarked that he spotted a tamil comedian dressed up in khaki clothes. And then, the hero came - Karthi, of the Paiya fame. Found out that the shooting was for a movie named "Shakuni". The scene lasted for a whole of 10 mins, okay-ed at take 2. The hero had to shake up the comedian and give a one-line dialogue. I kept wondering how these actors must be mouthing several lines of dialogues with curious strangers peering around. What about the romantic scenes? So difficult to maintain a straight face if it were a serious emotional scene. Good thing 'am not an actor. Not a career for self-conscious people I guess. I managed to take a few long shots of the hero..:-).(didn't bring the camera cable, hence photos cannot be uploaded immediately. If interested, do check out this space later. I'll be posting the pics once I am back from the vacation.)

-Being pampered at aunt's place. R took exactly half an hour to get used to them and by evening he was his usual naughty self.

Signing off for now...
ETA: The pics as promised
Hubby and R watching from afar


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