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“See these huge chains? They are used to fish out the sunken ships from seas,” fibbed my nerdy elder one earnestly to the dreamy younger who listened with rapt attention, taking in all that her brother said with complete acceptance.

“Wow, but, who put the ships under the sea, Anna*?”

"The monsters, silly! Didn't you know?"

Overhearing their conversation from the next room, I chuckled at the cute mix of innocence and vivid imagination.

The innocence, I knew, would leave them. But, I prayed that the ability to spin tales from random muses stayed. A writer’s wish, indeed!

* Elder brother in Tamil


 Linking up the 100-word fiction to the Friday Fictioneers, June 5th.


  1. Ha ha, Every writer's wish in fact :)

  2. Nice take on the prompt.. i am not able to come up with a good one yet.

    1. I'm replying late, but I believe you must have come up with something very good!

  3. Aww this was really cute! Trust the younger one to believe implicitly :D

    1. Younger ones are wired that way, no? Thanks, Shailaja :-)

  4. Ah, to retain that child's innocence and imagination into adulthood...if only! ;) Great story!

  5. Dear Uma,

    Why do people think imagination is only for children? A great writer's wish for her children. Lovely.



    1. Of course, imagination is for all to have and use :-) Thanks a lot, Rochelle!

  6. That's lovely. Of course big brothers know best... at least for a time. And I bet these stories will stay with them. Great story.

    1. Thank you, Ga, for the read and comment :-)

  7. Nurturing that muse is quite a challenge. I like how you've approached this from the viewpoint of a parent who overhears. Nice.

    1. Exactly, we all need to nurture that side that seems to get blurry as we get older. Thanks a lot, margirene :-)


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