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The painting

I’m held captive by the sight
As the canvas slowly unfurls
Warm ochre clouds hug and unite
Blushing crimson, they kiss goodnight

Streaks of cooled rays, but, slip quietly
to kiss goodbye to the sleeping grass
Chirps and twitters lower their pitch
Singing lullabies, oh, so sweetly!

Leaves on tall trees gently dance
To the lilting breeze that dusk beckons
I thank the stars that gather at once
Smiling at the moon in cool radiance

I soak in their graceful beauty
Glittering in dark ambience
I’m grateful to be able to witness
Nature’s bounty, a gift from heavens 

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  1. Such a breathtaking picture and how well you've been inspired Uma! Loving the energy in the verse :)

  2. Thank you so much, Shailaja. Grateful for the mention on twitter too! <3

  3. Indeed a gift from heavens, we need to appreciate nature more

    1. Indeed, we need to appreciate AND preserve nature, Keirthana :-)

  4. Nature is always a wonderful muse :)

    1. Isn't it? Never fails me. Thanks, Sowmya :-)

  5. loved how gently and beautifully you described nature!

    1. I so glad you liked it, Rajlakshmi. Thanks for reading :-)

  6. The beauty of nature has this profound effect on us, always! And you have expressed it so beautifully, Uma! :)

    1. True, Shilpa and thanks so much for the appreciation :-)

  7. Nature, something that is so breathtaking and your spellbinding words do it complete justice.

    1. Thanks a lot, Jaibala. Happy to see you here :-)

  8. Beautifully written and a lovely picture at that :)

  9. Indeed we are grateful to witness such magnificent beauty all around :) Beautifully done, Uma.

    1. Indeed, we should thank our stars. Thank you so much, Beloo!


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