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Back in time

“Amma, Appa, see I've drawn a dragon. See its wings and the fire it spouts out of its mouth! You know it’s the most powerful dragon in the whole world” I almost pulled my lazy parents off their bed in my excitement to show them my masterpiece.

Amma scooped me in her sleepy arms and planted a proud kiss on my cheeks. She was very happy to see the dragon even if it disturbed her slumber and encouraged me to keep up the good work but gently added that I refrain from calling out to her every two minutes. Appa seemed to be tired since he kept sleeping. They had more important stuff to be accomplished and time was seemingly short.

Sigh! These grown-ups had no clue how much work I had! Airplanes with propellers had to be built, rockets were to be sent into Jupiter and then there were the great white sharks and blue whales that needed some behavioural observation too. What work did Amma and Appa do, I wondered? They never seemed too excited to share their work secrets with me.

“Amma, I want to go alone on that hill on my cycle. Can I go?”

“Of course not, you've to wait until you grow up for that!” Amma looked horrified “It’s dangerous for little kids, you know” she added softening a little.

“But..but..only this morning you said since I'm five years old now, I've become a big boy and that I should eat on my own!” Amma and Appa always confused me. One moment I was a big boy and the next moment I was not yet big. Why can’t they make up their minds for once?!

I really want to grow up fast so that I can build real-life airplanes, climb the mountains, and take a plunge into the sea with the whales. “Oh God, please make me big soon!”

The sun streamed into the window and I woke up to realize that the above was a scene from my dream last night. It was a moment of epiphany for indeed I had forgotten what it is to live in the moment, dream big and have exciting adventures in my wish list. I had wanted to grow up to fulfill my dreams but when I grew up I had forgotten my dreams just like Amma and Appa. 

"Dear God, can I be a 5 year old again?"


  1. Awesome, so true... We do forget our dreams as we grow up.. especially i did forget.. i wanted to become a teacher, then a doctor and i also wanted to become an actress,but i am here being a sincere home-maker!!

    1. Being a sincere home-maker is no child's play either, Shanmuga priya! we do need to keep the "I can do" spirit, that 5 yr olds have, alive though!

  2. Wouldn't we all love to be that 5 year old again? I know I would. Beautifully written. You made me feel wistful for the imaginative and playful child I was before I became a cynical adult with more important things on my mind. Wish I could go back again. That's what the writing does for me when I lose myself in it.

    1. Thanks a lot, Cathy for the appreciative words. Yes, the innocence and innate belief in goodness wants me to go back to that age!

  3. we wanted to grow big when we were small and now we desires to back in that time, how good were those days,

    Back To The Future

    1. True, those were really good days when desires were small, Cifar!

  4. parents do confuse young ones, could relate to that. nice post.

  5. How true! Growing up does change a lot in us .. We build layers and layers of inhibitions and become so cautious with everything that we actually forget how it feels to push our limits.

  6. So true...I wish I could go back to being a child was so simple

    Random Thoughts Naba - The Weekend Roundup...

  7. If only I could turn back time. Such a warm wonderful take on the prompt. Loved it Uma!

    1. I'm glad you liked it, Preeti :-))

  8. The life of every five-year-old and the quest to reach the moon. Love it:)

    1. Yes, stars in the eyes and confidence in the heart. Thanks, Vishal!

  9. We want to grow up when we are kids and go back to childhood once we grow up. Strange are the ways of our lives :)

  10. In childhood I always imagined myself working in office so that I'ld get rid of office ....Now I imagine myself in school again :( Never satisfied of what we are!!!

  11. In childhood I always imagined myself working in office so that I'ld get rid of studies ....Now I imagine myself in school again :( Never satisfied of what we are!!!


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