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A new look for the blog

As you can see, I'm dabbling with a new look for the blog. I Google-d for the templates and followed the tutorials to upload it to the letter. However, there are a few bugs that need to be fixed which means I have to correct/add a few html codes here and there. Now, I had done a basic course in web designing eons ago but, of course as you know, knowledge rusts when not used, so I find myself completely at sea with the myriad problems the new interface is throwing up.

To give myself some credit, I spent a lot of time on Google and fixed a few problems. Presently I deal with the problem of images on the blog. They do not appear in the original size and as you may note, the images appear stretched out after you click on the post on the home page. The night is wearing out thin and my eyelids are closing with fatigue and sleep. If anyone of you can help me sort this issue out, I'll be very grateful.


  1. I wish I could help, but I am useless when it comes to all this. I hope ur issue gets sorted :(

    1. I feel useless too, Red..I guess I should just revert to the old one :-(

  2. Did the image tip that I shared, help you? By the way, I LOVE the new look for the blog. Very crisp and effective layout!

    1. I'm glad our tastes match, Shailaja! unfortunately the tip did not work..there are multiple problems that I keep encountering :-(

  3. The new look is definitely looking chic, Uma! But I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to fixing these glitches. The only way I did things around my blog was the age old trial and error method. It means wearing your patience very thin. But it helps sometimes!

    1. Its easier to tweak when there are no codes involved, methinks..if I'm unable to fix all the problems I'll revert to the sad templates that blogger provides :-(

  4. I wish I could be of some help but I'm worthless in html and basically any code..I can test your website though :)
    Because of these limitations I change my template very rarely even though I want to do it ever so often

    Random Thoughts Naba - Sleeping Quirks...

    1. Naba, actually changed the template again and this seems to be fine so far rendering this post redundant; although I could still do with some coding skills :-)

  5. Hey Uma, visiting your blog after a while now! I usually read your posts on Feedly. This looks lovely. I am no use in the coding part too :)


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