My experiments in the kitchen

Something that happens not very frequently, much to my foodie husband's dissatisfaction. We are like chalk and cheese in the matters of food. While I subscribe to the philosophy of "Eat to live", he's quite the opposite, salivating even at the thought of his favourite food. And, his favourite can be quite a wide spread. So, try as I might to satiate even a portion of his taste buds, I can never come close to what he'd like me to cook up in the kitchen. 

But, to be fair to him, I don't really try much ;-)

Despite all the disparity in our thoughts and actions, I do surpass myself at times to bring something different to the table (literally). So, here are a few snaps of what I tried out recently.

A cinnamon tea cake- As usual, I combined two recipes, and forgot which ones ;-). 
Turned out Okay.

Paneer Kofta curry- which turned out a little extra salted, because while making the gravy, I disregarded the fact that the koftas were also salted- classic case of inexperience. I'm improving, though, thanks.

Recipe from here

Paneer Do-Pyaza- Turned out so well that the husband kept saying 'awesome' in a loop for the whole day. I gained extra weight just hearing that. See, didn't I tell you, I'm improving?

Recipe from here.

The next time I hear some complaints about my cooking, I'll just do a re-direct to this page. This should work for at least a while ;-)


  1. Wow! Yumm.. atleast you try once in a while and some complicated recipes at that.. kudos to that!

    1. yes, once in a while is the key phrase here ;-)

  2. Wow that looks yum!

  3. Looks quite yummy... Next time please invite us too! - megha

    1. Hey Megha, yes, of course..its long overdue I guess :-)

  4. Looks yumm :) Am marking the paneer recipes.

  5. One more foodie drooling on the spread:)


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