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The Spinning Wheel-a store tour

Falling in line with my intention to bring to light exclusive Home Decor stores around Whitefield area, here's another store tour. I had come across The Spinning Wheel many times- in the flea market and other exhibitions- and always thought to myself that I'd go back to them someday. And, boy! am I glad that finally I made to their store? You can bet a million bucks here.

The unique part about this store is that not only do they house exquisite art items procured from various places in India, but they also specialize in refurbishing old furniture. They add lovely embellishments like tile-work or painted art- and convert a drab looking piece into a style statement. So, if you are bored of your old dining table but do not want to spend a fortune on another or have sentiments attached to the current one, you know where to head.

The Store owner, Rakhi Mutreja, is a very enterprising lady with a lot of passion for the work she does and it really comes across when she talks about each of her piece in the store. When every art piece is handpicked, it becomes a lot more interesting because of the story and history attached to it, says Rakhi. They completed their first anniversary recently but are already running short of store space-something that is not surprising considering the kind of response/orders they are getting not only from Bangalore but other parts of the country as well.

Now, for the tour:

Aren't the camel ones unique?

Pretty door knobs

The weaved bottle collection-so pretty!

The tile collection
Collectibles that will add depth
A customized upholstered teak chair with beautiful tile work

Signature items

The click does not do justice to the beauty of this lovely painting

Pretty vases

Isn't everything drool-worthy? Its no wonder that I'm so addicted to their FB page. I'm getting a few lovely stuff done from them and it makes me happy that there is an excuse to keep visiting their store often in the next few months.


  1. Wow!! they all are splendidly beautiful..I love the art and the paintings done on them..:)

  2. Hey! Love the piece that u picked up! Really unique! Collection in the store looks quite offbeat!

  3. Lovely find Uma, I can see you're going to go crazy here ;). And I am in love with those clocks, have been looking for an exclusive(but not exorbitant) one that doesn't need wall mounting as I want to keep it in the case above the TV. Do you remember any prices? Else a visit to Whitefield is in order soon ;)

    1. Hey Aparna, I don't remember the price but I can find out if you want. But, I'd suggest a visit to this area, soon. You might want to check other clocks too :-)

  4. wow...which are u buying?

  5. thanks, all! Will let you all know in time what I got from here :-)

  6. Uma, this post has something that I was looking for my house! - The tiles!!! Any idea on the price? This store is on the right side when you go from marathalli before taking a left into brooksfield? I have been going back and forth on ideas for my breakfast table and these tiles are just perfect! And yes, pictures dont do justice to the beauties...This is going into my to go places this week :) Thanks again!


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