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A musical delight

Anyone here who is tuned in to the Indian Idol Juniors this season? If not, and if even remotely interested in music, then I strongly recommend listening to these wonder kids. However, even if you can't understand music, it is a treat to see/listen to kids as young as 8 yrs perform with such elan, ease and most importantly finesse.

The last episode where Shankar,Ehsaan and Loy had come as guests was in particular a spectacular one when these musical stalwarts were so overawed by each of the 10 performances that they gave a standing ovation to every one of these kids. And, it was clearly not just a gesture of encouragement. It was a genuine and natural response to the outstanding singing talent. The songs sung by the contestants were to be a tribute to the musician-trio and had some of their best songs rendered to perfection. Every nuance, note and emotion was bang on and in certain instances surpassing even the original. Clearly the little contestants seem to have a divine connection with the Almighty, for I doubt if they even understand what it takes to sing flawlessly at such a young age. It does seem to come very naturally.

The kids on the show for this season have taken Indian Idol, for the first time, to a new and prestigious level in musical reality shows- something that the adults could not do so in the last 4-5 seasons. I've always viewed this show as one that is staged with a lot of drama and very less of music. The melodrama involving the social background of certain contestants, the tears and emotional outbursts before/after a performance or (especially) when eliminated have always scored above the music factor as far as this show is concerned so far, IMO. While there is a lot of melodrama in reality shows even where kids are concerned, the Junior Indian Idol has so far steered clear from these. The judges are people I personally admire for their talent in their respective fields ( Vishal-Shekar and Shreya Ghoshal). Their comments are encouraging even when the rendition has been a little off the mark.

My observation with the talent shows is that kids definitely score more on the talent chart as compared to the adult folk. Senior contestants have a lot to learn from these little champs- be it in the choice of the songs, or handling of complex notes or the easy demeanor with which they carry themselves, not letting either praise or criticism affect their being. I sometimes wonder if these virtues are because they are children and not yet affected by the dynamics of growing up in a tough and competitive world. Whatever the reason, this is a musical treat that is not to be missed. 

A video of one of my favourites here:


  1. I am a regular follower of Indian Idol Junior and in complete awe of these kids!! Undoubtedly these kids are super talented... what surprises me even more is that they sing so fearlessly as if they are singing for themselves and the "judgemental world" doesn't exist, which i feel is a remarkable quality for any artist!!

    1. singing for themselves-exactly! that's when you actually sing well..

  2. fully agree that the young ones have immense talent...kudos to the kids...they are really very very gifted

  3. I havent watched it yet! you recommend eh?

  4. I love watching Indian Idol Junior - I am following it regularly and am floored by the singing talent that is there!! I love that small girl, Sugandha Date, and Priyam - I think they sing really well :)

    1. Yes, they are very good..and so are Sankalp, Sonakshi and Nirvesh...actually all of them :-)

  5. Reality shows do tend to focus on drama a lot. Children as you said dont get affected like the adults and its just pure talent i guess

    1. so far, this season of juniors has been free from melodrama..the only part I hate is the audience voting!

  6. Replies
    1. Swathika, on Sony weekends @8.30 p.m :-)


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