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Sangreh- a store tour

Since the time I nose-dived into planning the decor for my home, I've been on the look out for interesting home decor stores on the net and within my locality. To my delight, I discovered a few stores around the area I live, that sell some exclusive stuff. 

I plan to feature the stores here for the benefit of people like me, who are eager to set up their homes, live in and around Whitefield area, but are loathe to venture into the city traffic to buy great looking stuff despite best intentions and keep wishing for such stores to come up in the vicinity.The first among them is a store called Sangreh that has been recently launched at AECS layout, close to ITPL junction, Kundalahalli and Marathahalli areas.  

Now, a good blogger always roams about with a handy camera to click away interesting finds, add lovely captions and tidbits, to make a story on their blogs. Sadly, I don't fall in that category. I'm always rushing out of home and only manage to stuff in the water-bottle and snack box for the young chap. Only after I landed at the store, did I realize that I had missed an opportunity to capture the store and its products. However, upon request, the store owner, Priyanka Mehra, was kind enough to not only permit me to feature her store but also use her photos.  

A little more about the store in Priyanka's own words:

"Sangreh, as the name suggests, is a collection of artifacts. An art for us is any item where a creative mind has worked to provide craftsmanship with hand or machine.  We believe that we can get  good artifacts for our customers and can work to provide a unique shopping experience. Our store-we ventured into this business about 5 years ago- is an experiment of our beliefs. After holding exhibitions at various places in the past 5 years we began to understand what the market wants and how quality artifacts can be made available for them. Setting up our own store was thus a natural progression of our venture and here we are at AECS layout now. Our intention is to provide a personal touch in our services and enhance the shopping experience for our customers. This, we hope to achieve by providing a home-like ambience to the store, personally attending to our customers, setting up a play area for our little customers, and providing unique and eco-friendly shopping bags"

Now, for the tour:

A view of the entire store
I'm in love with this antique clock-might buy this in the next visit ;-)
An eye catching attractive lamp

Musician figurines

Won't your books look even more lovely with these bookends?

Nested tables and unique elephant trunks
Attractive pottery drawers to hold your jewellery and knick-knacks

What bright colours!!!

Isn't this pretty?

The artifacts are directly outsourced from Rajasthan, which makes the pricing too quite economical. Apart from Home decor stuff, Sangreh also houses some lovely women's wear (kurtis, leggings, skirts,etc), chunky jewellery and soft furnishings. That's not all.  They also undertake orders for Solid wood furniture ( like coffee table, side tables, dinning table, bed, etc…)

I have to add another interesting thing that happened. As mentioned, the store had a small play area in their backyard and I heaved a sigh of relief that R could entertain himself which meant the husband also could join me in shopping which is a very rare occurrence. As I got talking with Priyanka, a little lad, about R's age, pottered in. Turned out that he and R are almost of the same age, go to the same school, albeit different classes, and also take the same bus route!

Not only this, but the apartment they stay in and the place we are about to move into are constructed by the same builder. Now, isn't this a LOT of coincidence?! Now, I can tell the husband that I share some karmic relation with this place and use the excuse to frequent it ;-)


  1. Oh thats beautiful :):)

    LOL on the connection its so amazing

    1. hai na..and yes, I need to capitalize on the connection, right? ;-)

  2. Am so excited that such store are coming up in *our* area - and u are on the path to providing yeoman service by reviewing such places :) Why don't u let me tag along on ur next shopping expedition? I'll remember to get the camera :)

    1. Lol, Aparna, you are most welcome to tag along with the camera. You'll be my official photographer ;-) btw, I did mention about a couple of these when you were to move in, remember?

  3. Amazing store, as usual I would be too stupefied to buy anything:) Lol, I carry snacks for my kids too especially when we are out shopping!

    1. haha..and I go crazy wanting to buy all the stuff!

  4. Good luck with ur home decor Uma . The pieces do look good

  5. I really liked the colors, Uma. One of my friends live in that area. I should tell her about the store. Another friend brought an apartment recently, will inform them too :)

    1. yes, do tell. I'm sure they'll love it too.

  6. Very beautiful collection of artifacts. Though I am not close to the place, I visit my friend who lives near AECS layout. I am thinking of dropping in during my next visit :)

    1. sure, Keirthana, you must visit. Let me know when you are there.

  7. Wow! that's really beautiful. The stuff is really good.

  8. The artifacts are indeed beautiful and interesting!


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