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Love happens...when nature wills

She braved the odds that nature threw at her

Bowing graciously to the harsh winds of summer

Wilting away slowly with every passing day

Biding her time until heat gave way

The summer was brutal and so were His men

But she clung on to hope, she had some then

Waiting to be kissed and loved

By a benign dark cloud

But, alas! The clouds were just passing by

Her redemption, was not so easy

Green turned into yellow and then brown

She soon began to lose faith,

Into the ground of sorrow, she was to drown.

Then he came, like a whiff of fresh air,

Blowing soft kisses, riding on a pregnant cloud

Every drop of love, wet her, healed her.

Caressing his beloved,

He washed away the dust,

Reminiscent of the painful past

Her face was awash in his selfless grace

Carrying droplets of pearls,

 Oh so many!

They danced in joy, happy and gay!

Making a promise, all in silence

To wait, hope, love and surrender

To bloom in abandoned joy

To let go in unrestrained ecstasy

A romance that is incomplete

Without him or her

And, such is nature’s legacy

* Tried to capture the love affair between a young sapling and the first rains. This was written for a contest hosted by Atta galatta. And, nope, this is not a winning entry :-)


  1. Beautiful..sounds like some fairy tale..:)

  2. It's nice line I did not get is bloom in abandon joy, is it abundant or unabandoned? Pl. don't mind.

    1. Ok, I get it now after your explanation! Will remember this usage:)

  3. Beautiful lines, Uma. I think you have a special love for rain. Your other poem long back too...I loved that one too.

    1. wow, Latha, you remember the earlier one? thanks a lot! :-))

  4. Nice one, the metaphors are beautifully dealt :)

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. thank you, Keirthana. I'm glad they came through. :-)

  5. Wow :) I posted yesterday about rain and the flood of memories it brings :D
    and here I see one more post on the same lines :D but only thing is this one is AWESOME :D loved it Uma.

    1. You are too kind, Ramya. Will read your post on rains.

  6. It is a sure winner. Beautify written with easy flow.Best wishes

    1. Thank you, Kp sir. This did not win :-)

  7. That is so beautiful.. I am sure you'll win !

    1. Thanks, Bhargavi and nope, I did not win :-)

  8. Here you go stunning me with poetry again Uma.. such a lovely read :)

  9. Winning entry or not, this surely touches a chord. Very nice Uma.

  10. Lovely lines Uma!! A romance that is incomplete without him or her.. beautiful!


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