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Knotty issues

Of late, I have had the chance to witness some recent marriages unfolding in their aftermath a series of changes in the personalities of the people that entered into matrimony. One of them is a marriage of a person, known to me through my husband. Although I cannot claim to have known him very well even before his marriage took place, the change in him is so evident that even a bystander can smell a burning issue. He has had an arranged marriage and was quite a disheartened soul during his bride-seeing days. I had often remarked to my husband about why he shouldn't or wouldn't take a stand or the initiative in looking for someone for himself. Even if the customary essentials of horoscope/caste/class/etc/etc had to match, there was sufficient scope for his intervention to make him the lead decision maker rather than just wait for the final event of bride-seeings.

Another instance is of someone I used to know. The girl was smart and well-educated and had a mind of her own …

Do we need a Women's day?

p.s. I know, Women's day is long gone. This was lying in my drafts for some time now and I didn't want to delete it.

Why should you celebrate Women's day?
And if you must, why limit it to a single day?
Why the need for a particular day?

An occasion is cause for celebration
But a woman? She is a person
holding humane qualities like anyone
just being the reason of her creation

We were created all for a reason
God never preferred one over the other
Why then do some rather
 be a man and not woman?

We all have some of each other
Neither is complete without the other
Every woman has a man in her
A man in himself is complete neither

Neither is superior
neither is inferior
the world wouldn't be fair
if one out-weighed the other

Man and woman; yang and yin
have qualities of being
both: masculine and feminine
let us hence cherish every being

Not just on a special day
but every breathing day
so that a person does not
remain an occasion
to warrant an occasional celebration

They asked and I answered,hence I ask and you answer

Nancy and Me tagged me to answer 11 questions as a Tag. The rules are:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post & then create 11 new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag 11 people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

I got lucky as both Me and Nancy retained the same set of questions. Imagine 22 set of questions on the other hand. It's been long since I wrote a paper but questions give me  heebie-jeebies even now :-0
So, if you want to harrass make someone think, then you must post 11 new questions each time and then tag the person multiple times. Muhahaha....

So, here are my answers...

1.)If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I would free this world of hatred, corruption and inept leaders. I would just raise my palm and and sweet water would flow down the rivers, there will be food for all, man and woman would be treated equally, everyone would be safe and happy.  Yes, for all …

You are to be blamed

Gurgaon government sent out a strong message by ordering all pubs and mall owners to not allow women employees to work beyond 8 p.m. I am impressed. what a solution!
 How I see it, the message is:

If you happen to be out on the roads beyond 8 p.m. and get assaulted, then of course it is your problem. Who asked you to think that your city or country is a safe place? That you are ruled by a democratic government- a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Oh! shame on you to think that something like that is for real. How naive!

Who the hell you think you are? how can you even think that the government will ensure the law and order of the state and in turn ensure your safety? Are you some one even important? Duh! You are just anybody on the road. Anything can happen to you. Government has more important things to do like pocketing scores of money from people …

Buying dilemmas

I have never been a sure shopper. Oh! you don't know what a sure shopper is? I just coined that word. It means knowing exactly what you want to buy. Sure, I know I want to buy clothes: Indian or western, kurtis or jeans. But that's about it. I can get completely lost in a shop liking a whole lot of stuff, indecisive about what to choose. And, I simply do not like when the helper there comes in almost immediately after you enter the shop asking you what you are looking for? Should I tell them I am looking for a green tunic with red dots, preferable with a turtle neck???

The queue outside a (ladies) trial room can put to shame those serpentine queues you once had to stand in to pay the electricity and telephone bills (in an erstwhile era). I instantly feel guilty about the number of clothes I am carrying with me to the trial room. But given the crunch time I have been allotted by the husband who is in charge of a hyper-active toddler during my shopping escapades and also given …


"Me" of Privy Trifles awarded my blog for the most "Adorable blog" . She recently completed one year of blogging and to mark the anniversary, she created a set of awards, taking time and effort to prepare the logo and award each of them to the blogs she thought were worthy of the said tag.

I am touched and honoured by this sweet gesture and since this also came by on my special day, it will be cherished even more. Thank you, Me!!!

This award will now be proudly displayed on my space:

Our Journey!

Stars destined that we meet,
a lot was spoken, a lot left unsaid.
A joint decree we gave albeit,
you and I are a match indeed

We merged our paths in the know,
sealing our lives with a solemn vow
to be together in high and low
matching steps to learn and grow

Stumbling on many a block
taking our time to rise and walk
journeying along a little unsure
hopeful, but, of the future we were

Some journey this has been,
of building our cozy haven
surviving the dark and the lean,
seeking sunshine from within

As, we go down memory lane
and reminisce past times again,
there are no remnants of pain,
only a sweet fragrance we retain

Let us make a vow again
to overcome every stormy rain
with love, patience and restrain
in the hope that spring will reign

On being together

ETA : Looks like I have miscommunicated. There are still a few days to go for our anniversary. This is just a countdown to the D-day

As we near the completion of 5 years of togetherness, it seems a good idea to look back at how these years flew by. The fact that we feel that the years flew past is an indication of good times spent together. A pleasant companionship that has not been riddled with insecurity and bad vibes- things that usually make the marriage a burden to shoulder. The good has definitely out-weighed the not-so-good and hence has made the journey so far a fairly easy one.

Does that mean we do not hit on bumps? Of course not. Which happily married couple doesn't fight? Healthy fights are in fact necessary I would say to fine tune the relationship. The husband and I have our share of fights.Ugly ones too. But we do make it a point to talk to each other about what exactly in the significant other bothers us . Does that mean that the annoying reason is then automatica…

On my own

I've been trying to drive the car in the absence of hubby, so that I gain in confidence and become independent. Two weeks ago, the husband went out of town for four days that included the weekend. Co-incidentally, my friend's(A) husband was also out of town, so we girls decided to jam up and have a good time. The plan was to meet up at her place Friday night, and spend the Saturday at leisure with the kids. A works full-time and was supposed to reach home by 7 p.m. We decided that she would pick me up on her way home.

All the while when the plan was being made, part of my mind was telling me to drive down to A's place on my own. This was my chance. But the other part sounded doubtful, citing the evening traffic and other reasons of keeping safe, especially when the hubby was out of town. Finally, 15 mins prior to when my friend was supposed to pick me, I went out of my complex to gauge the traffic. There was some traffic but it was not choc-a-block. I made a quick decisio…

Life's philosophy

The husband is a practical man. While I might wax eloquent about this and that and still struggle to keep my emotions in check, the man says very little but is a rock of Gibraltar, come adversities. Little things make me upset. Plans that go hay-wire can make me a miserable being. I hate to be proven wrong and left feeling inept and inadequate. The man on the other hand has no qualms accepting what life has to offer him. He is ambitious but at the same time content with the state of affairs.

A song that he mentioned to me as a way of his philosophy during our early days of marriage when I was upset over something.

 Whatever has to happen, will happen. Why fret?...

A task accomplished

It's been a busy busy schedule for me since a few days. Although I've been reading my favourite blogs on and off, I haven't been leaving comments. I have been making mental posts but am unable to translate them on the blog. Lack of time or enough interest and energy is something I haven't yet figured out. Thought I should break the jinx by just writing an update about what's going on.

I am on a strike-out spree. I have crossed out yet another major item off my 2012 list. Isn't that great? We have finally finalised a pre-school for R , which he would be joining this June onwards. It is a Montessori, something that I had always preferred over the more popular or regular playschools. Parents of children who attend a Montessori would empathise with why anyone would scour their neighbourhood for a lesser-known school (Montessori-es in my observation are not very popular. At least around where I stay) when there are so many regular and well-known names staring and s…