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Things that R says

R has become a chatterbox of late and mostly his conversations revolve around aeroplanes, cars, trucks and the likes. Else, he is full of questions. Just, a simple 'why' attached to everything! It is exasperating at times to keep answering his constant badgering without seeming bored or rude.  Sometimes he comes up such gems that is difficult to keep a straight face and answer.

Trying to put together some snippets here. Unfortunately, the best ones seem to get lost in the moment. 

The hubby was drinking his tea and accidentally spilled some on the floor 

Amma: oops!

R: What happened? did appa spill his tea?

Amma: yes.

R: appa! close your mouth and drink and you won't spill the tea..

A month ago, when I was trying to teach R to drink from the cup directly instead of using a straw.

Amma: R, you are a big boy now.

R: *very pleased* yes, I am a big boy!

Amma: now, you must drink from the cup directly.

R: *sensing he's been put at a spot* Noooooo...I became a small boy!


R: amma, lets go by aeroplane to B'bay

Amma: yes, we'll but there's still some time for that

R: no, let's go now. I'll sit ahead and drive the plane, you and appa sit behind and come

Amma: !!!


Some days ago, the husband accompanied his friend to check out some plots...

R: Where's appa?

Amma: He's gone out. Will be back soon.

R: has he gone to office. Does he have a meeting?

Amma: *wondering to just say yes and ward off further questions, then deciding to tell the truth* No, he's gone to see some plots..

R: plots?? what plots?? flower plots?


R: amma, see, this truck, it is a beeeg truck

Amma: oh...nice..:-))

R: amma, see I parked this car properly here

Amma: *putting on the expression of looking impressed* gooood!

R: don't just say good. Say, wow. Say, wonderful!!

Amma: !!!!




  1. LOL Uma, I don't know which ones you miss, but you still manage to note down quite a few gems :).

    So cute kids are, and how fast they learn!

    1. oh, they learn fast and use the same lines we use for them at the most unexpected times :-0

  2. hahahahah! thats hilarious...abhi Appa kaunsa flower pot dekhne gaye..bolo bolo

    1. lolol...only R or the appa can tell ;-)

  3. ha ha! *close your mouth and drink*! indeed!

  4. Calvin in the making I see! Lol. Loads of love to R and keep these coming :)

  5. Those are such "awww" inducing conversations. Hoping to read more of these in the coming future. Love to R. :)

    1. Will surely try to post more..after I need to sail through another 26 days ;-) thanks, AJ! :-)

  6. I like his confidence - he knows he can drive a plane and knows his parking is not just good but wonderful!

    1. call it confidence? well, then! :-)

  7. flower plots :) he he he he wish buying a plot was that easy an cheap :)

    lovely imagination of the little one .. God bless him

    and yes tell papa to close the mouth and then drink :) now that would be a scene worth watching he he hehe


    1. I wish plots were that cheap...sigh!
      hahaha..he keeps spilling his milk coz he's constantly opening his mouth to talk, so I do tell him to close his mouth and drink ;-) what goes around, comes around :-))

  8. flower plots?? hehehehe.... these kids make anything sound so damn cute! please post some more cutics by R. would love ot read'em

    1. thanks, Purnima..will be posting more in this month..:-)

  9. btw, where is the favourite ads wala post re? I can see in my dashboard and not find here.

  10. Hahaha...Uma, they are gems..all of them...give him a bigggg hug from me. Now, close your mouth and drink..hahaha...In one way, that age is better Uma. Now, my son asks me questions that I donno how to answer. The other day I was telling him stories from chandama about Vishnu and puranas, he asked, amma how is god born?? :( :(

    1. Hugs will be passed on Latha...i know exactly what you mean by difficult questions...*gulp* am dreading that stage..
      How God is born?..hehehe...let me know how you answered him :-)

    2. Lol..I said, don't ask questions in between..we will get late with our story, you won't be able to cover much..that shuts him up, right? heheh.

  11. Awwwwwwww he is chooooochweet Uma It must be so much fun having him around the whole day na... I just adore kids only because of this. I love the way they look at things..ekdum simply. The way it is. No analysis no interpretation. Wish we could remain like that forever!!

    1. hehehehe...they can also be very annoying, Me..;-) but yes, they are definitely better than adults :-)

  12. hahahaha.... Super Super post. Happy mommyhood :)

  13. Very clever child. I think you must record some of his chatterings, you would love hearing them when he is no longer a child. They sound so sweet.

    1. thanks, Rama..used to record earlier..but it is difficult now because the minute the camera is on, R wants to have a go at it :-)


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