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The siblings

R and S, as I've mentioned earlier too, are a deadly combination. In some ways, they are quite alike and in other ways completely different. Both of them have mastered the part about keeping the adults in the house on their toes and tender hooks. Each has its own way of creating trouble and mischief. So, you can imagine how explosive the situation can get when two such minds combine!

Last year R lacked the social-cognitive skill to play along with S. Although he'd want S's company, he was unable to express himself or understand the concept of collective play. However, that is changed this year and it is amusing to see the two converse and pretend play. Of course, he is still a little too boisterous for S and this leads to many a ugly fight and frantic adult intervention.

I see that R gets a kick out of teasing his elder cousin! The more S gets whiny, the more he acts bossy and plays rough! It is a very crazy situation and it takes a lot of restraint and effort on my part to diffuse the tension. On the other side, he is also quite possessive of S and doesn't quite like it when he has to share S with another kid. This side to R was a new discovery for me and I realized it yesterday when S had her birthday celebrations at home. It was a small affair with just a couple of S's friends, also her neighbours, had come over.

The moment S's friend, lets call her X,came in and S showed a preference to play with her, R began to act all crazy. He was extra rough with X by falling all over her, pulling at her dress and generally making quite a nuisance of himself. X is made of tougher material herself and was hardly perturbed but S was quite upset with the whole change in the scenario. Things got out of control after a while and I had to intervene and pull R out of the scene. It disturbed me also to see R behaving in such a manner. Later, it was my bro-in-law who sensed that it is was perhaps the jealous streak that led R to behave such.

Sibling bonding can surely be awe inspiring and nerve racking at the same time!



  1. Haha totally see Rs point of view :-D I also didnt like to share you and C when we were young:-)

    1. aah..I remember you being possessive about me..:-)

  2. Awww you must have had a tough time!! Ya kids do that. I did that as a kid, abt 7 years old, I am told. Was very possessive of a friend and so when an older friend of her's visited I was very angry supposedly and I slapped the poor li'l old friend. Ouch!
    Am sure R will slowly understand :)

    1. ouch! I hit a boy when I was younger too..
      thanks for the reassurance, Simran! it was tough, indeed! :-(

  3. Siblings are so cute! Its good for R to be possessive and jealous once in a while :)

    1. well, its cute in that time it was definitely war cry!

  4. best relation is siblings relation .. alwayssssssssssss


  5. Siblings can be lovely together as well as drive you crazy with their interactions :). Haven't seen the jealous streak here yet, will watch out for it the next time I see some unusual behaviour.

    1. haha..hopefully there is no violence :-)

  6. i've seen it at home. my 2 lil boys can't play with each other for 10 minutes without a scrap, but defend each other in front of a third. Siblings are a treasure.

    1. yes, they are pretty much like Tom & Jerry :-)

  7. Whether boys or girls when they have to share they all exhibit the same tendancies...the only thing is boys get more physical while girls go all whiny and take to sitting in the corner;-D.

    I got a shock when I saw ur page....had no idea u were attempting a blogathon.
    Great going Uma!!!!

    1. Nancy dear, you are here after ages..good to see you:-)
      and thank you..the last leg is wearing me down a bit...


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