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At three

At three, R

 -is a total chatterbox, rattling off longish sentences which may or may not mean much. It is funny at times to hear him string difficult words together only for the sake of saying something.

- asks a 100 1000 questions every few minutes. Why is so-and-so going there? Whose car is this? Why is it not moving ahead? Why did the signal go red?... and so on...

- has completed a major milestone- of being completely toilet trained. Happy to announce that we have half a packet of pampers lying unused. Once R began school, he was off diapers for the time he spent in school, later I found the courage to let him off even during the evenings at play. I had decided to stick on to the nights since I felt he is too young for the night times and more importantly I was not ready for the mid-nightly trips to the loo. My husband however insisted that we at least try for a couple of days. We anyway had the plastic sheets and if at all any accidents were to happen, it won't be so disastrous, he reasoned. So, we tried for one night. No accidents. R didn't even wake up to go. We were beaming in the morning. The next night, he wet the bed, of course the bed was saved because we used the sheet. After a couple of ups and downs during the week, he managed to stay dry for the whole night. So far. Its been a month now. So, I am officially no longer a patronizer of Pampers. I couldn't be happier. I am OK if the bed wetting returns in phases; the milestone is reached.

-  loves the company of people/friends. Until the age of 2 or so, he wouldn't really be bothered if he had company to play or not. He'd have his own agenda and be happy to go about it alone. However, now he seeks his friends each day and feels sad when his friends do not turn up on certain days :-)

-is picking up bad habits and dropping them at intervals. Each time I think that he's well-behaved, he comes up with a disgusting habit like making spitting-like sounds to actually spitting at times. The good part is that the bad fit subsides relatively fast. Just that, I am kept on tender hooks not knowing when he may don the bad hat. You can be pretty sure, it surfaces when you least expect it and in front of others!

-has not over come his bursts of energy during which he keeps running around, even about the house, climbing over the sofa and other raised platforms. Especially happens when there is more company in the house and he gets over excited with happiness. Although, it can happen even otherwise. I am not sure if he can be termed as hyper active but he is definitely far more active and energetic than many other kids his age.

-is able to hold his own mostly, when provoked or bullied by other kids. To the extent that sometimes he gives it back coupled with interest on the principal :-0

-is still the happy kid who smiles easily and is quite resilient when faced with disappointments. Touchwood to that!


  1. and exactly 5 days before the 3rd of Jan, this masi awaits to welcome him home...our date stands eh?

    Pass on my big fat hugs will ya?

    1. hehe..yes, hoping the date stands :-)))
      hugs have been passed on..

  2. I bet you won't have it any other way ..

    absolutely marvellous .. god bless the little one


    1. I bet!!! thanks a lot, Bikram :-)

  3. Awww! Lovely. And toilet trained already :) Good job!

  4. God Bless him! Aah! toilet training tips would be helpful.. :)

    1. and me..hahaha..I have torn my head in frustration while at it..going with the flow and catching them when they are ready might be the main points in a nutshell..:-)

  5. Awww so sweet... May God shower His choicest blessings on him <3

  6. Congrats on the toilet training!! We seem to be stuck with the night time part. We shall let it happen when it wants to. And I don't know if any other kids do this too but N gets super excited too sometimes when he goes to other people's place or someone comes over! We are still working on expressing happiness in a controlled manner. Lots of love to R. And don't worry bad habits come in phases, just pass on the message and let the phase pass.

    1. yes, waiting till the right time works best..we just happen to try it..coz we discovered that when the diaper is on, it tends to get full in the morning but when it is off, he is able to hold! maybe that's the case with most children?
      thanks for the reassurance on the bad habits..and yes, the over-excited phase is really difficult to manage :-0

  7. Very nice to hear all this Uma :).. so great about the toilet training, you're very mentally prepared for the occasional bedwetting which is the best approach I think!

    1. thank you, thank you, Aparna! :-)))


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