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Taking a stroll down memory lane

I took a stroll down familiar lanes. It felt nostalgic, reliving the days of childhood, of a life that seems like a different lifetime; when friends would gather around for an impromptu get-together during a power outage; when summer breaks meant you'd come home only for meal breaks, playing endlessly at some random friend's house.

I took a stroll down the lane where an old house stands. A house that once belonged to my grandparents. Now it is no longer ours. The house where I once frolicked about in carefree demeanour has changed too. After passing through different hands, it feels as though the house has found its worthy owner, one that befits the nature of the people who were the original owners.

It felt strange to stand outside that house and look at the houses around. The houses are the same but the inhabitants have changed. Every house reminded me of someone, every lane had a story which had me and my friends playing an important role.

I took a stroll down the lane that brought back the memories of the time when my friends taught me to ride a bicycle; when silly fights erupted over play; when everything was forgotten and forgiven the next day.

I took a stroll down the lane of known people. Some faces are the same but the emotions have changed. Some exude the same warmth but some have become strangers.

Having lived in a place for more than 2 decades, it is natural to come back to a storehouse of memories; a mixed bag of emotions, remembrance and nostalgia evoking tears and laughter in different measures.



  1. The picture says so much. Yes a stroll down memory lane does stir up so many memories and even the sad ones bring a smile for what it was meant to be. Lovely post

  2. I dont have the courage to do that. Most of all the ones I remember while doing this memory lane pondering are the ones that hurt the most. I try not to look back :(

  3. Sometimes it is fun and sometimes sad. But its cathartic too! I r'ber going to visit my maternal grandparents house, the one where I have spent so many summer and winter holidays. It was not the same at all without them. But the new owners were so sweet and welcoming when I landed at their door and told them that I wanted to see the place once. Melted my heart :)

  4. so so true.. i yearn to go back to jamshedpur for such memories.. but am afraid of the bad ones.. so instead stay away!

  5. Wow, what a fantastic post loved it a lot :( touched me a lot now even I am feeling very nostalgic...
    Awesome one!

  6. I can't really imagine what it must feel to have lived in a house for so long, and then go back and wander those same streets...having been a nomad all my life, its hard for me to visualise!
    That signboard is true.

  7. Touching.......and very beautifully written Uma... its true a walk down the memory lane is so mesmerizing!

  8. lovely feeling to go back to places where we once lives and bigger pleasure if we see the familiar face, same smile but a bit mature :)

  9. It must be such an amazing experience Uma, to go back to the places of your childhood :). Have fun on your holiday!

  10. thank you all! yes, the walk down memory lane definitely evokes a mixed bag of emotions but it is nice to be down the lane once a good memories seem to outweigh the not-so-good ones :-)

  11. Hey lovely post...I'd love to do that too.
    I used to live in a colony in Indranagar when I was small...I always wanted to go back and see my old house and playmates tho I doubt anybody will be around now....but still;-)

  12. The pic was the first thing that got my attention and I totally second what it says. Have often find myself wondering how far I have come after I have a dose of nostalgia- catching up with an old friend or going back to visit my school and stuff like that.

    Could see your fondness for those memories in every line of the post :)


  13. yes, a trip down to memory lane puts u in a nostalgic spot! the feeling is quite overwhelming!


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