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If I went under a Xerox copier

Ok, that's figuratively speaking. Don't panic, yet. This is a fun tag going around the blogosphere and I read it on Smitha and GND's blog on the lines of the recent Kotak Mahindra Ad. If there was another you, what would you do?

[For the sake of the post, *Dme: duplicate me and *Ome: original me]

I can only think of how difficult life would be for people around me! On the other hand, if I had a *Dme, we would technically be identical twins, only, (if I get this concept correctly) it would be just me again with the same heart and soul. [And, of course, she should not have a mind of her own. She'd do exactly as I want her to, else I'll be one of the poor souls at the receiving end.]

1. I'd let the world believe that she is just another person who happens to look like me. That way, I would act bitchy about the Ome behind the Ome to know the real friends and real foes (whatever that means) of the Ome.

2. The *Ome can blog, browse the net, read books and laze around to her heart's content without feeling guilty 'cause the Dme will be doing the other important tasks of cooking, cleaning, playing with R.

3. The Ome can have cozy dine-outs and movie-watching dates (with the hubby, of course) while the Dme takes care of R and since Dme is basically the same as Ome, Ome need not feel guilty (or so Ome thinks). *muhahaha*

4. I hate buying veggies, separating and putting them into bags and refrigerating them. Dme can handle them and also the part about deciding what to cook (err..umm..also the cooking part maybe, I can take over sometimes too)!

5. I am torn between wanting to work and being a SAHM. If there is a Dme, the problem is completely solved. We can keep swapping roles as and when we tire of the self-designated roles.

6.  There are somethings I would love to have but loath the hard-work associated with it, for example, gardening. I wish to be surrounded by well-maintained and beautiful plants but I cannot bring myself to do the research, digging, potting, pruning, and all the rest. So, here comes Dme the saviour!

7. I have a liking for many things but hesitate to try them out for want of time or confidence. With a Dme, the Ome can experiment with the salsa class and the Dme can attend baking classes. Just an example.

8. So, what is Ome going to do then, apart from lazing around and having "me times"? Give the Dme a break at times and let her re-charge the batteries. Com'on I have a kind heart. Ok?

So, what would be on your wish list if you had another you for company???


  1. heyy...that salsa class sounds like fun :)
    something I always wanted to do!! :)

  2. You should do it!
    It's been on my wish-list but somehow never got around to it...someday I will..:-)

  3. very smart!! so that means you would leave all the important but cumbersome tasks for the Dme!! only if it was practically possible... :p

    1. haha..that's the idea..
      soche ne mein kya jata hain! :-)

  4. lol! Sounds like fun. I especially love the swapping between SAHM and a worker. I would totally do that too! :-)

    1. Yes, Aarathi, it would be perfect for people like us..:-)

  5. Loved #1 & #8 are a sweetheart to think of giving the DMe a break and some recharge time :)

    1. hey thanks, ME! you are sweet to say that..:-)

  6. #5 : Very practical...loved this version :)

    1. hai na?? would be so nice to do that!
      thanks RM!!!

  7. A total fun concept! I am with you on buying and segregating the veggies..esp cleaning up palak is just a chore.. actually everyday cooking is such a chore which i'll outsource to Dme and ome will just do the baking and fancy cooking .Your 8th point is damn cute.. nicely done !

    1. thanks Bhargavi!
      yeah, more than the cooking the question of wht to cook bugs and bores me!

  8. hey btw, everytime I have to post a comment twice before it says "comment visible after approval".. Just wondering if it has something to do with the nested comments thing of blogger. I am having this trouble on my blog too..

    1. oh? is it? am not aware of such problems..maybe that's y i get duplicate comments from some people :-0

  9. Ha ha! Loved reading your version, Uma! :)

    1. missed your comment somehow, GND. Sorry!
      thanks a lot..:-)

  10. Lovely!! I think much of what u mentioned could one day become a reality - cloning and robots anyone??? Hope it happens in our lifetime!!!

    1. :-)
      cloning and robots??..hmm..but I think it will be a scary could take unexpected turns :-0


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