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Word power!

A thought and a word,
go hand in hand

to be woven in a song
or cut like a sword

Words can bridge two hearts
or cause people to fall apart

Such is the power
of a 'word' spoken

It can leave you broken
or set on a trail less taken

Hence, is my urge
to tread with caution

For words, however wise
in your eyes,

can thwart a growing dream,
however slim

And, there is no denying
that given a chance
even a pawn can become a king!


  1. Wow.. I mean just wow.. Loved it!! :D

    1. really?? thanks SnS for the wonderful words..:-)
      am so glad you liked it!

  2. Replies
    1. Vidya, thanks a ton!
      glad you liked it..:-D

  3. Beautifully written ...truths of life!

  4. So simple...yet so meaningful. Wonderfully written Uma :)

  5. so true Uma...
    A simple thought beautifully expressed :)

  6. Very true Uma, I have many a time wished I could take back what I had spoken :(.

    Very well put together, as ever :) (hope you don't get bored of hearing that ;)) !

    1. I have a fire for a tongue Aparna..and not once but many times I wish I can hold my tongue..:-(
      and thanks a ton..I can NEVER ever get bored of such nice compliments, dear..:-D

    2. Yeah all the more with kids around they start emulating you so fast it gets embarassing :(. Has helped me watch what I'm saying a lot more though!

    3.'s time now that I start watching what I say..
      but I fail miserably many times:-(
      i keep telling myself to be careful..

  7. You write poetry too! Sometimes even the unspoken words can do harm .. so i guess it works both ways ..Lovely stuff!

    1. very can also kill someone with your silence..
      err...may i be a little more shameless and point out to you that tab on the main page that has more of my attempts????

    2. see, I got so carried away that I forgot to thank you for the lovely comment!..thanks, Bhargavi!

  8. Beautiful Uma!!!!
    A simple thought.....expressed poetically:-))!!!

    1. Thank you very much, Nancy!!! :-D


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