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A milestone and a cross-out

My first cross-out from the 2012 agenda has been done. A major one at that too. Any guess? Yes, my lil'one is now potty trained. It is almost a month now that he has achieved this milestone. The su-su part is still playing hide and seek but we are getting there too. Slowly but steadily.

For all the heart-ache I had over crossing this hurdle, it really seemed like a dream where R learned to use the potty within one week of us initiating the practice. I had backed off twice earlier, when he first just refused to even sit on it and later when I spotted his trouble of going the western way. We started off quite skeptically this time; the hubby too got involved (perhaps with greater interest than enthusiasm than me). However, we saw that R was far more willing. He didn't jump off the seat, even if the session didn't end up, err..fruitfully, if I can say that. On the fourth or fifth day, he did it successfully. I didn't jump too much. I thought it was a fluke and should not celebrate prematurely. But, he did again on the next day and continued to every single time and day for a week. He even started to warn us before susu happened! We were overjoyed to taste overnight success. Our boy was almost toilet-trained. But, like an evil-eye cast by our own joy, R stopped giving us su-su warnings just as suddenly as he began. Thankfully the potty thing was still on so we decided to count our blessings and be a little patient for the rest of the battle.

I admit it was frustrating to concede to the fact that it might take R a while to get a hang of the whole thing considering the fact that he HAD actually got it right for one whole week. Every time I was confounded by despair, I would cheer myself with the fact that R is trained for potty and that is not to say the least. It is a huge achievement in itself and no mean feat. I had to give the boy credit and applaud him for every time he used the potty for su-su too. This strategy did and still is working in bits and pieces. R is getting there slowly. Although I cannot guess the 'when' part because there are days when he gets it right 7 times on 10 and some days its 3 on 10 and yet on other days, none at all. So, my expectation graph more or less resembles the mountains we used to draw on paper as tiny tots. But, I am now relaxed with the routine and do not get over-worked if he doesn't get it 4 times out of 10. He is getting it right 6 times is well enough and we will eventually get it right all 10 times.

This book helped create a headway

And, I here by award R this certificate

So, yay for us!!!


  1. Yay from me too!!! You lucked out uma, believe me if you had our luck it would have taken him 2 years to get trained :)
    Great going and the certificate for R is too cute :)

    1. Thanks Aparna!
      2 years?? wow, I admire you all the more now. Seriously, I would've gone crazy. Actually, I went crazy when I started a little earlier and I hit the wall. I backed off and waited for some time before I began again. Yes, even I feel I lucked out..thankfully..:-)
      The su-su part is also irksome but its Ok. At the most I only have a huge lot of shorts and pants to be washed.

    2. I was just thinking what R would think if he reads this blog as a young man and sees so many aunties congratulating him on potty training :)

    3. LOLOL..he might never forgive me for sharing embarrassing details with the world :-0

  2. wooohoo! Three Cheers for R for learning potty-susu, in style! :) he's getting there... and yes that's n achievement! I know how difficult it can be to potty train children... seen my SIL do it for my niece.

    *bites nails as she will have to do it in some time too!* ;)

    1. wohooo..yay..thanks, Purnima!
      hey, girl, you still have loads of time to hit this phase..till then enjoy the diapers..:-)

  3. CONGRATS!!! yipeeeeeee...what a big thing na...we mothers rejoice over such things..*Shakes head*

    1. THANKS!!!..:-)
      arrey, of course, this is a BIG thing na..road to independence (the kid's and yours)..:-)

  4. Super ! Congrats to you and R on the milestone.. That certificate is super cute..

  5. Congrats to the little big guy R from yet another aunty :). I know that is such a big milestone, and don't worry the su-su will not be too far behind .. once he's got the hang of not holding on till the last minute (which is what takes a while it seems!), he'll start signalling you for that too!

    1. thank you, Aparna!
      yes, I am hoping for the same..:-)

  6. That is so awesome, is it not? And such a HUGE deal :)

    1. It is !!!(both, awesome and a BIG deal) :-)))
      Welcome to my space,Comfy :-D

  7. Yay!! I know how big an achievement it is. Bunni learnt when she was 22 months. Stopped using diapers since then.
    Sometimes, potty training hits back Uma. She refuses to do su-su over diapers now. So, taking her out for long, I should be mentally prepared for a place to get things done when she asks for it.
    Funny part is, she sits over the commode in Indian style :D

    1. wow, 22 months is gr8! I tried to begin earlier but it didn't happen..
      we are not yet completely out of diapers..that will take some more time with us, I guess.
      Oh, Bunni too is comfortable going the Indian way, is it? R was too. I was worried that that could be the reason his potty training may not happen too soon..thankfully, he learnt to use the commode..phew! :-)

  8. Congratulations to you and R for achieving this important milestone :)
    loved the certificate :)

  9. Congrats R...u cleared one of those stressful examinations in life and clearing IAS will seem like a piece of cake after this;-D. That certificate, dont lose it, they ask for it at every job interview;-D

    CONGRATS Uma....I can feel ur relief from here:-))!!!!!

    1. HAHAHAA...yes, IAS doesn't seem very important too :-)))
      gosh!, what will he think of this certificate? He may disown me..;-)

      Thank U, Nancy. It sure is a BIG relief...:-)))

  10. Where are you nowadays madam? Did not see you in my space nowadays?

    1. am there am there..actually have been tied up with some stuff lately, so am not leaving comments as often as I normally do on other blogs..been on your blog and loved the latest Bunni post..:-)will catch up with commenting soon :-)


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