Beyond comprehension

Somethings do not fit into the logical mind that struggles to find sense in everything. Some term it God, others may say luck, some others may just shrug off the incident without much thought for it disturbs the hitherto analytical way of life experienced. One such incident happened at the wedding which might make even the skeptics think a little more on the lines of there being a super power above us after all.

S, my niece, wore a pair of gold kundalams (jhumka) for the wedding. We were all busy with the festivities and the kids were busy merry making running all over the place. During breakfast, my aunt came over with a clasp (the thing that goes behind the earring to secure it) and remarked that the priest had found it near the hallway and gave it to her. We immediately checked our earrings and checked S too to make sure we had our earrings in place. Satisfied that the lost clasp wasn't one of ours, we decided to safeguard the clasp till someone came to claim it. A few minutes later, we found that S did not have one of her earrings on her. We began a frantic search for the precious little thingy, put in a word with all the hotel staff, cleaners and the rest of the wedding crowd. We did not leave any stone unturned (pun intended). However we got nothing except dirt. Dejected, we left the hall to go back to our hotel rooms to take the much needed rest before the reception began in the evening.

A little later in the afternoon, I decided to clear the mess in the room and pack the stray items lying outside into my bags. My handbag which carried all the important stuff also seemed way too bulky and in need of some reorganization. As I sat down to dig out the stray wrappers, tickets and other stuff from the depths of my bag, what do I get??? yes, the "lost" earring ( a two-piece set with the ear tops and the dangling). Mind you, I always have the compartments of my bag zipped. How the hell did that earring get into the depths of my bag? If the children played mischief and put it in there, how did the clasp alone stray away somewhere else and again find its way, albeit through the priest, into our own hands?

We did not try to find answers to these questions, rather accepted it as a work of the power above us trying to reinforce our belief in it. Yes, miracles do happen!


  1. Definitely higher power at work Uma :).. I can imagine what a relief that must have been. It seems to be a rule that at any wedding one little girl must definitely lose something :(. Great that this loss was reversed!!

  2. Aparna: It sure was a huge relief!
    uh..oh did D lose anything recently??

  3. Wow.....inside the zipped hangbag, strange really & thank goodness esp since it was gold.
    These kind of things happen to me all the time. I'm always losing my purse or keys but I have always found them in weird ways.
    Just yesterday naina lost her barbie cap in a mall & started wailing, I had no clue where to start looking for it. Asked at 2 customer service points & they shook their heads. I just went around the mall tracing back our steps & I found it after 5 mins.
    Its just a cap I knw but in a mall tht size it was a miracle I found it & tht too in 5 mins;-D[the best part was tht Naina told me she was sure she lost it on the groundflr & I searched the 1st flr on a whim & fnd it there].

    I was meant to get it so I got it was what I was thinking:-).

  4. Nancy: yes, somethings are meant to happen and one cannot find logic, rhyme or reason when it glad to hear your story too!


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