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When I was at my parents’ house prior to my marriage, I could have easily qualified as the quintessential procrastinator. Never felt the urgency to finish any task told to be performed. That I would agree to finish off one itself was considered a favour and relief (by folks). My sister would invariably shoulder more responsibilities around the house and I would get away doing very little (quite negligible). I shaped up (improved) a little after my sister got married. I do not know why I was the way I was at that time. I can put it down to being just lazy and also I knew for a fact that if I didn’t do it someone else will do it. The following scene is only an example. You could replace the request for anything else (read doing work) and the scene would have unfolded in almost similar fashion.

Scene 1: The clothes are piled up waiting to be folded.

Sister: Please fold the clothes
Me: hmm..later.
Sister: when?
Me: after some time, maybe evening.

Evening comes; the request- now taking the tone of a command- is repeated

Me: err..tomorrow, I’ll do it.

A day later, some more clothes pile up.

Sister: Fold the clothes, will you??!!
Me: (not particularly busy) Now??..I don’t have the time, maybe later...

After some heated argument, sister realizing the futility of the situation, folds the clothes herself.

So, why am I reflecting up on the past, especially the not-so-flattering-part? Because, I have begun to feel that I am paying for my karma. I am now being paid back in my own coin. No, it is not that my parents or sister who are avenging. It is my dear hubby. Destiny played its cards well, you see. The above scene is replayed many times over now with just a change in the cast. Dear hubby (playing the part played by me years ago) and me (playing the other exasperated family member).

I have changed. Post marriage. Seems quite sudden but now, between the two of us, I am like a machine with timer set for every task during the day. Hubby dear doesn’t feel the need to do anything at any particular time. Meaning, anything can be done at any pace and at any time of the day. He can be totally at peace with the bed undone and the newspapers strewn across the room well past time for breakfast. (I am only talking of weekends where I expect him to pitch in). Now, that’s way late for me and realizing that he won’t do it, I end up doing it. I am discovering latent freakiness for tidiness and discipline in me which I suspect has gone on an overdrive to make up for the insufficient or lack thereof in my better half. Also now I know that if I don’t clear up the mess, then no one else will. To be fair to him he does try to pitch in when the nagging gets the better of him but then I do find a lot of holes in the final outcome. That gives him further fodder- you anyway do not approve, so I rather not do it- to justify his stand. In turn I accuse him of a half-hearted approach and the cycle thus continues.

My shallow knowledge of the law of karma tells me that in Kaliyuga, we are made to pay for our sins in the same Yuga. Well, I can only wonder if it isn’t too soon that the tables are turned to teach me a lesson. And if the laws of karma could be so prompt, can I expect the tides changing in my favour soon?


  1. classic example of "what goes round, comes round", eh?

    Uma, I think u shud be thankful that ur husband has an easy attitude and that u r the one in control. (That is what I used to pray for in my husband)... if u had a control freak, you'd have to be on ur toes every moment and keep everything in place 24*7... thankfully since that is not the case, you can do it in ur own time and the way u like it. :D (and aren't there times when you just don't want to pick up mess even if u hate it?? and you have R too;0 ;))

    as it is said "be careful of what you wish for. You might just get it" :)


  2. Purnima: Of course am thankful for the many good things in Hubby dear. Only I wish he weren't so handicapped around the house! and seriously with R around, the urge to keep the house mess-free is even more..:-)

  3. I sincerely hope you are wrong for if the karma thing is true, i would have to do quite a lot in the future and am not comfortable with the idea:)..

    Plus it also means that ur hubby did fair share of work in the past and hence getting the relaxation now.

  4. Sushma: Thanks..:-)

    Perception: maybe you can start with some work now so that the karma really doesnt pile up..;-)..

  5. LOLOL....ROFL.
    I cant help laughing....karma theory and all. I really enjoyed this.

  6. Great observations Uma!! ROFL :O

    In our house, the karma has not yet struck I suppose. Hubby is still the stickler and I still the procrastinator, though I suppose the change is that with all the putting off I am the one who ends up doing the task anyway even if 2 days or so later than I should ;) !! Try very hard to set a better example for the kids, so have a reasonably tidy house most of the time, but in my case it is a GREAT effort !!!

  7. Chitra: :-)

    Aparna: LOL..This post was meant as a humorous take on the situation and not as a mean dig at Hubby dear. Glad that the humour was not lost..

  8. Seriously Uma!! This is hilarious :) There have been times when the situation is similar over at my place and I just fret and fume at why doesn't the hubby see the urgency of the situation. I guess well for them its "If I don't do it someone else will!" That someone being us ;)

  9. Don't know about the karma factor. We have a barter system here:) i don't chip in if his share of work is not done. it has to wait till he does himself:) am ruthless like that:)

  10. Vidya: haha..nice barter there..
    Hubby chips in with R's work and there the barter system works but it doesnt work with the house work..

  11. Hehehee.....its totally unfair but true tht we have to pay for all our sins in this life only;-D

  12. Reflections: :-) welcome here and thanks for reading..

  13. Nice post:) I actually wanted to comment on your "How I met your husband" posts but none of the parts allowed me to comment - some error there. Found it very very interesting reading. Shall I "nitpick" a bit too?!! I wish you had mentioned few more details about what really clicked between the two of you and how you reached the decision to go ahead. I hope you don't mind this suggestion from an eager reader :) And well, I am from Chennai too and I never ever want to live there!

  14. Aparna: thanks:-) and sure you can suggest!...anything for eager what did i like abt hubby-he came across as a warm, easy-going person and our outlook towards life in general was was a calculated decision and not a falling-in-instant-love kinda situation..:-)

    aha..another chennaite who doesnt want to reside there...:-)

  15. Thanks for the clarifications! :)


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