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New updates about R

It is amazing to note how each month unfolds newer aspects in your toddler. What seemed a hurdle last month for the child is now a mere activity. Every aspect of development shows a significant leap in terms of growth.

Recognizes shapes – At 17 months, R can now recognize various shapes. Although he says the relevant word for each one, only the adoring mother can make out what he means. For example:

Tarke -- circle
Pae -- square
Aeta -- rectangle
Tan -- triangle
Heart -- heart
Jing -- ring
Ova -- oval
Koob -- cube
Kone -- cone
Mand -- diamond
Taar -- star

He says moon for crescent since he associates it with the shape of the moon.

Identifies the characters of his favourite books

R can identify almost all the objects in his favourite books. He has these sparkly books that introduces animals found in a jungle, ocean and underwater in the form of a nice story. R loves to browse through these books and exclaim with joy the names of animals as he does so.

Beaky -- name of the bird
Pathy -- panther
Chimp -- chimp
Tath -- sloth
Hisss hisss -- snake
Tee -- tree
Fog -- frog
Ba-bye -- any guess?? It’s a butterfly
Hyna -- hyena
Aino -- rhino
Aff -- giraffe
Peacup -- peacock
Wae -- whale
Toto -- turtle
Tarpich -- starfish
Ow -- Owl
jeeba -- zebra

Counts one to ten and says the alphabets (with a lot of prompting, of course), also recognizes a few numbers and alphabets

Climbs up and down a flight of stairs with help

Buckles the stroller belt on his own

Stacks up to 7 blocks


  1. Kids!! They are so cuteee!!! I can but wonder how he must be making faces while saying all these words! Enjoy with R!

  2. Love your babytalk blog entries Uma :) These are going to be such a wonderful recollection for the time he's all grown up!

  3. Hey nice one..and before u know he will be all grown up and distant:(

  4. Purnima: Thanks! It's fun watching him grow..:-)

    Aparna: Thank you so much! I want to capture most of the cute baby moments but words fail me to describe all of it..:-)

    Perception: Thanks! Yeah, so true..:-(

  5. soooo cute!!!!! ENjoy ur golden moments to the fullest!!! God bless u and R, but why not, the husband too :-)

  6. Sharda: Thank you so much!!..:-)


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