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Wife-y and motherly blues

I am slowly turning to a nag. I had never thought I would. But then who on earth imagines and dreams of being one. I always prided on having the answers to relationship complications. The answers are still there though only in my mind. I am unable to practice it.
I feel resentful for most part nowadays. The chunk of it is directed towards my husband who is invariably the target for all the right and wrong reasons.
I feel resentful because I feel I am doing all the work all by myself. I get up, make lunch, breakfast, pack lunch for my husband, make breakfast for my kid, feed him, clean-up his potty, prepare for his bath, take a shower myself, put the clothes into the machine, all this within 3 hrs in the morning. Then I have some peace after my husband has left for work and my son is bathed. He sleeps for the rest of the morning and my maid comes to clean the house. Then, from the time my son wakes up till late into the evening I take care of his needs, entertainment, etc. By the time my hubby comes home, it is time for my son to have dinner and go to bed. Hubby is also tired and hungry and can’t wait to have his dinner and crash down into slumber. I don’t blame him yet I can’t stop venting my frustrations at him. I really do feel isolated in the sea of parenthood and cannot seem to take stock of the situation. I know the answers and the questions yet the resentment!

p.s. (quite many days have lapsed since the time I wrote the above and as I couldn't post it in time, I need to update it.)

A few days after the above was written, hubby decided to take over giving breakfast to the lil' one and also cleaning his morning potty. It means a lot to me. It is a huge help in itself. I was trying to get back to my usual self and I guess was a tad successful too until today. I decided to cook something more than the routine stuff prompted by hubby of course ("I don’t remember the last time you cooked this" always works you see). Hence was running late. Hubby magnanimously agreed to wait till I took the shower. I too returned the favour by finishing in record speed (actually, I don’t remember taking a luxurious leisurely shower ever since I became a mother, sigh! well, will talk about this some other time). I came out to find the entire house in a shape that perhaps only an earthquake or hurricane could have otherwise caused. Skills of a toddler, you know. Dear son was at it-and is always at it-when I am most busy to give him even a glance. The shoe-rack was emptied and some of the contents were found in the kitchen. The spoons from the kitchen cabinet were distributed equally on the living room sofas and chairs. (Yes, I have heard of baby proofing but we stay in a rented flat, so do not have much choice in this matter.) The toys were scattered everywhere. The bed was ‘made’ (by hubby) in a shoddy manner. I can go on but for the reader's benefit, shall stop here. Hubby was found reading a blog on internet amidst all this. Seeing me, and knowing me, he left in a hurry. This was reason enough for me to explode like a volcano. I called hubby and as soon as the call was picked up, howled for 5 seconds only to hear hubby calmly say, "Sorry, I was unable to hear you".
The receiver went BANG on my end!!!! I am back to being a Nag.


  1. Huh !! Loved ur post ...such ventg out helps smetimes..:-) Good luck for ur blues to turn green:-))

  2. lololol. I too was a super nag. now improving. times will change.

  3. Hey Uma
    We're all in the SAME boat, not even just similar. Same to same. :-)
    With a travelling husband and a nanny who bunks often, I feel much the same way, most often. I keep wishing these nagging ways away, but it doesn't happen. So it's ok. Nag away ;-)

  4. @ Forevermother: hahaha..yeah..nagging is least to us women folks..

  5. ROFL only I say.......totally understand though....from both ends....the nagger and the nageee :D Sorry for using the description of a frustrating time for comic relief !! Well written....keeps the reader hooked through the various points that you make....:)

  6. Arv- yeah, it came as comic relief for me too, albeit after I wrote it..:-)

  7. too much Uma ...i remember tht time ...well looks like will have a go at tht time again :)...
    simply wonderful is so funny in retrospect..but I can remember all the times I have banged the phone or just left the food on the table for father and daughter to do wht they feel like :)...the best was c's reaction 'sorry was unable to hear u'...i was ROFL ...Thanks ..

  8. Vidya: LOL..these moments occur from time to time but in retrospect we can laugh about it..actually C really couldnt hear probs strike at the best time you see..but knowing me, he didnt call back to hear me out again..:-)
    thanks for reading..:-)


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