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R- My lil' wonder- the birth story and beyond..

Just two months into this new phase of blogging and I have already blogged 10 posts, 5 of which have been in this month itself. Yeah, this blogging thing has almost become an addiction of sorts with me. When I am not writing, I am reading someone else’s blog. There is a huge pool of writers here I should say, really talented ones. I have mostly stumbled upon mommy bloggers and the majority of their posts revolve around their darling lil’ ones, which makes me realize and wonder in regret why is that none of the posts I have written so far has any mention of my dear, darling son of 14 months. I have hence resolved to dedicate a special corner for R-my little wonder.

My story with R:

As I write this, I refresh the memory lane which is not so distant yet seems like we have come a long way as mother and son.

On 26th November 2009, R was placed in my arms, a tiny bundle, along with a new and enormous responsibility called motherhood. As they say, no amount of preparation can prepare you for this roller-coaster ride. The initial days were spent in learning and adjusting to a whole new person in my life; a person that sent everyone else in my life into the farthest corners. The first pangs of anxiety of “how do I do this?” gave way to a long and slow learning process. From learning how to handle this little delicate body to learning how to feed, burp, change, clothe, bathe and rock him to sleep. Phew! Was it easy? No way! Every task was met with some or the other challenges.

To begin with, this little boy of mine was always awake. No, he never slept like babies do- for hours together all day. He would simply be awake, get bored, demand for milk, and keep sucking for hours and eventually sleep without latching off. The moment, I manually latched him off he would wail leaving me completely exhausted, cranky, hungry and sleepy. It would take a minimum of one hour to rock him to sleep after which he would sleep for 10 to 15 minutes. Within this time span, I had to bathe, eat my breakfast or lunch and also catch 40 winks. I would often wonder if I would ever be able to cope up with this new life.

After a tedious 3 months of following this schedule, R decided that I was off the probation period and agreed to cooperate with me; he began to sleep for a longer period during the days and the frenzy act of feeding settled down to follow some kind of human pattern. For the first time in 3 months, I actually began to enjoy his presence. By this time I had gone back to join my hubby at our house (it is customary in India to have the first baby delivered at the girl's parents' place). Slowly, I got more time for myself and time to finish off some household duties between tending to R’s needs. Things started to look up and I started to like this phase called motherhood.

The relationship that seemed one-sided until now blossomed when R began to respond in his own cute ways. Every smile, yawn, cry and yelp seemed to converse with me. Each milestone crossed brought in cheer and delight. Every milestone was captured and cherished for times to come. Each growing month unfolded different facets slowly but surely establishing his identity as a whole new individual. Just 20 days before this first birthday, he took his first tentative steps on his own. Before I realized, my baby grew up into a naughty toddler who now just doesn’t stop his impish ways. He seems to know every trick in the trade to push my limits. Yet he remains my darling.

Life is not hunky-dory, yet. It is in a way paradoxical in nature when feelings of frustration and satisfaction, delight and despair, excitement and boredom hit you at the same time. That’s motherhood for you. Life of a mother is no less than a masala Hindi movie.


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