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Why I love my weekend mornings

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Come September and I'd be completing a year at my weekend Zumba classes.  I can proudly say that for the past 10 months I've, without fail (well, almost), woken up earlier than usual on weekend mornings to head out for my Zumba classes. I'm smiling as I type this because this wasn't how it all began.

I had my own doubts and misconception about Zumba and felt it wouldn't suit me. "I've two left feet!," I'd declared to my friend-cum-trainer, aghast at the suggestion. She'd smiled and urged me to give it a try.  I surprised myself by signing up for the classes because a few years ago, I'd have completely dismissed the prospect of venturing into a program that was even remotely close to dancing. As though on cue, I chanced upon this encouraging write up later and felt good about my decision.

Today, I'm positively glad to have welcomed Zumba in my life. Contrary to the popular myth, it's a perfect fit for non-dancers since it's not about dancing at all. It's a holistic fitness program. However, it's a much larger package if you're lucky to find a good and enthusiastic trainer like I did.

So, why does Zumba make me ignore stiff protests by limbs and tempting requests by the heart on lazy weekends to sleep in a little more? Bangalore weather does not make it any easier.

1. A stress-buster: Getting out of the bed is the toughest part but once I'm out in my jogging tracks and running shoes, I feel like taking on the world. The fast-paced music and the heart-pumping steps actually work as stress busters. I step into a positive zone leaving behind the worries and chaos of the world I live in.

2. Fun galore: We shed sweat (and sometimes tears) in the tiring one-hour regime, we groan in protest when our trainer says, "one more song and we'll cool down". Yet, we love the energetic vibes. We tease, poke fun, laugh, and generally, let our hair down to have unbridled fun.

3. We endorse a non-judgemental attitude: We have people (again mostly non-dancers) of all sizes and shapes in the batch. Each person is here to gain a strength and lose a weakness. Although we have our friendly banter and pull each other's legs, we are careful not to hit below the belt.

4. A support group: Each of us struggles with internal demons related to some aspect of our image. Whatever personal equation we may share with each other outside, within the four walls of the class, we become a single encouraging unit that motivates the other to go that extra mile.

5. It's helped me shed inhibitions: I'm not the person that easily slips into this carefree party animal, grooving my body to peppy numbers at a public or social event. However, Zumba has helped me shed my awkwardness to an extent. I've loosened up in my perception of the self. From the rigid and uptight stance of "I cannot dance and will not" to " It's Ok, I can still have some fun", I've travelled that mile.

6. It's my 'me' time: I've always cherished the early morning silence before the household wakes up and I'm rudely pushed into the cacophony of mundane routine and external noises. Zumba weekends give me more reasons to slip out of the house and savour the time that's reserved for me.

7. More than fitness: This should've been number one on my list, right? Hell no, this was always a given since Zumba is a fitness program and once you sign up for it, you're already on the path to fitness. While I haven't lost any weight, I can feel the difference in my stamina and flexibility levels. Where once I struggled to even touch my ankles, I can now, with just a little effort, touch the floor.

An exercise regime is a must for all of us given the kind of lifestyles we lead. However, it takes a lot of determination and self-motivation to stick to one, right? This is why I like my Zumba program because apart from being a group activity it's also a lot of fun, so there's little reason to not adhere to the routine. The bountiful fringe benefits are what makes this program so loved.

So, what is your preferred exercise route? Have you tried Zumba? Will you, given a chance?


  1. This is very very inspiring and I am so glad that Zumba works for you! Me, I will stick to swimming ;) But I totally get that energy about getting up early and finding me time for oneself before the household is up and about. So very necessary!

    1. Me time is so very crucial, no? Glad this inspired you, Shai. Yes, stick to whatever makes you happy to exercise :-)

  2. Hah glad to meet you - one Zumba convert to another :-). A huge yes to each point you made there. Never in my dreams had I thought i'd be able to do it. In fact my old friends still cannot wrap their heads around the fact that I'm doing Zumba. And I'm not good at it either. Yet it remains great fun. But you know that already. Thanks for the mention.

    1. Hey Zumba-lover, give a hi-five! So true..I wonder how my trainer keeps a straight face while teaching us. We must be like a bunch of clumsy clowns..hahaha....we love it and love her (the trainer) for letting us be :-)

  3. Zumba is something which I always wanted to try out. This post gives me a kick. Thanks for that Uma.

    1. Do try it out Sumita. I'm sure you'd love it! And, welcome here :-)

  4. You have inspired me, Uma! I have BIG two left feet and cant dance to save myself. I thought Zumba was about dancing... thanks for bursting the myth and sharing your success journey too.

    1. Hey Shilpa, I'm so glad this inspired you enough to consider Zumba! Trust me, you'll surely love it. This is from one non-dancer to another :-)

  5. Very tempting.Will give it a try.

    1. You should, Onkar. And, let me know if you did and liked it :-)

  6. That's an impressive list, Uma.
    Thank you for letting me know that my inhibitions for Zumba are baseless. Loved #5 the most. I'll surely give it a shot sometime soon :)

    1. Hey ME,that's my favourite too. Thanks for reading and I'm glad this inspired you. Let me know if you decide to give it a try :-)

  7. I so need this.. I am getting fatter and fatter :( I will definitely give it a chance.. rather i shud ask will Zumba give me a chance and WORK on me :)


    1. LOL, Bikram. Give it a chance to give you a chance, I say ;-)


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