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Sweet nothings to reminisce about after a visit home

No matter how old you grow and how long it's been since you left home after marriage, your parents will always treat you special and will try to recreate the atmosphere like you'd never left. 

Usually, if the husband is not travelling with me, Appa insists on picking me up and seeing me off at the airport. And, I always argue knowing only too well in my heart he won't listen. This time, it was Amma who insisted and both of them ended up coming to the airport to see me off :-)

It's sweet to see how Amma feeds the crows and pigeons that feast heartily at a specially made food table outside the kitchen window. The food vanishes within just a few moments of serving. The regulars take the liberty of cawing hungrily and demanding food or more food on certain days and Amma smiles and obliges.

A visit home is never complete without the mandatory gorging on chats and vada pav and binge shopping. Gratifying to say that this was checked off the list this time too!

Love the way my niece and R bond together. They are an explosive pair, just a year apart and similar in nature. They can be more than a handful to handle for the ones in whose care they are in but the sibling love and camaraderie between them is beautiful.

Snaps from a few years back

This time, R decided to stay back for a few more days and we had long discussions about how he felt about it. From "Yes, I'll stay. No worries. You go" to "Amma, I want to play for some more days with S. But, I'll miss you. So, can't we shift here forever?" and "Please, tell Appa to find a job here!"

The conversation would take a different shape at other times,
"It has to be my plan and not your plan of my staying back with pati and periamma!" to "I don't want to come home with K periappa. Ask Appa to come and pick me up" to "Ok, then, but, don't forget to come to the Airport to pick me up!"

His innocent questions, concerns, and a constant plea to shift base tugged at my heartstrings. Finally, he made sure it was "his" plan to stay back! I was certainly proud to see my little boy, all of 6 years, weighing the pros and cons carefully and taking a big decision. I'd worry that he was a little too casual when it came to people and relationships. How wrong I was! He definitely has that tender spot in his heart and understands and expresses his vulnerability. 

It felt so strange to travel alone that day. Getting used to a quiet house too took some time. Yet, I'm grateful for my sister for coming up with the plan and showing the confidence to see it through. R had always bonded with my parents and sister indirectly; as a by-product of my relationship with them. While he shares a separate and special bond with S, my parents have been more of S's grandparents and my sister more of S's mother. I wanted that to change and this arrangement gives the perfect ambience for a direct bond with them to grow roots. 


  1. I love how R decided to take the initiative and give you some time off :) Yes, it gets easier and harder as they grow older. And mom's place is the best. Every single time.

    1. Yeah, my sister started it off and R and S caught on to it. It became difficult to go back on the plan, then :-)
      I know, nothing can replace a mom's place <3

  2. soooo sweeeet to see the little ones' photos...cant help smiling...

    1. I was also going through the old snaps and videos. They were so much more cuter :-)

  3. Wonderful.. glad he is bonding so well .. enjoy your little break.. Kids surprise you in the most wonderful ways :)

    1. Last line, so true! Thanks, Shubha :-)

  4. R is six already? Your parents must be overjoyed to have him there! And grandma's place is always a magical one isn't it?

    1. Yes!!! to all the above, Purnima :-)))I was happy to get that little break too ;-)

  5. Yes, kids are much more intelligent than what we think they are

    1. That's true Onkar. That, and they surprise us in many ways :-)

  6. I can connect to every word of it :) well put.

    1. Hey Ramya!! how have you been? thank you :-)


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