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Hi Five

R turns five today, a big-boy milestone. He's been forever waiting for the day to dawn when he'd turn five. I thought it was due to his friend's influence but learned from the baby center updates that kids generally get excited about their birthdays around this time, so he's bang on with that milestone:-p A lot of promises have been made by the little-big fella; things that he'd do once he becomes a beeg boy, more so in a rush if I may add, including sleeping in his own bed, in his room. Ha! If anything, he's asking to sleep next to "amma only" in the recent times, something he never insisted on before!To be fair, we've also tried to milk the occasion by referring to the five-year landmark to get things done :-p

We didn't plan for a big bash this year despite the kid's excitement levels. Firstly, I was not sure I wanted a party in the house, given that our club-house isn't ready yet, and secondly, he hasn't really bonded with any other kid in our complex which makes it tricky to send out invitations. I didn't want to have kids over only because I know their mothers. Anyway, whether I over-thought the situation or found a safe escape route, this year too it's going be just his best friend who'll be coming over with his parents, the happy coincidence being that they happen to be our close family friends. So, really a win-win situation!

I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said he wanted balloons, cake and have everyone invited. The 'everyone' bit caused a temporary panic attack with some guilt creeping up my neck. For a moment I wondered if it would be possible to churn out a conventional party in such a short notice. As usual my mind ended up working overtime in vain for it turned out that by 'everyone' he meant his grandparents. 

I always worried that my boy had this detached outlook towards relationships that fell outside of the realm of our family nucleus, which includes us, his parents. He'd connect and bond with the extended family, no doubt, but he'd never display any longing for them once they were out of sight or even refer to them. However, I saw a marked change in him this time when my parents visited. Not only did he bond better but he was vocal about his feelings for them and insisted that they stay back until his birthday. While I was relieved to discover my misplaced worry (yes, that includes not having to throw a party), I felt a tug at my heartstrings to have his desire go unmet.

R talks nineteen to the dozen and sometimes I just want to shut my ears to all the 'see this plane, it goes so fast' to 'I'm a whale/dinosaur/ am so strong'. Yes, there is no end to all the cars, planes and animal talk. Some additions to his vocabulary are "blood, death and bomb blast!" Gory and scary as they sound, I was startled when it all began but as I compared notes with other mothers, I learned that such talk is quite normal in a household with kids, especially boys. Eeks!

I've failed to record the many funny and not-so-funny conversations that happen in our household but this one stuck with me:
As it goes, R is very fascinated with age and the numbers associated with it.

R: How old are you?
Amma: 3x
R *looking incredulous*: And, Appa??
Amma: 3x + y
R: oh my! That old? That means you'll die!

Sigh! Yes, my child, we all have to die someday. Maybe you'll learn to speak more sensitively about this. On second thoughts, what the hell, it's better to be so blasé and practical about it!

Wish you a great birthday, dearest R. May God bestow you with all the goodness in the world. Amma and Appa love you loads.



  1. Wishing R a great birthday. Your boy is doing just fine Uma :) Leave the worrying and enjoy his day with him.

    1. Thank you, Keirthana! Yup, will try to worry less :-)

  2. Here's wishing little R an awesome birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday to your kid, Uma. Mine will turn 5 next month. Can't wait to become a big boy. He expects some major changes when he turns 5 I guess. :)

    1. Hey, Vinitha, that's so cool. haha..don't they? R asked me this morning if he's still 5 years old..:-))

  4. Happy b'day to the big boy!! Parenting seems like fun after all :) Oh yes, with its challenges.

    1. Thank you, Aarthy! True, fun, enjoyable moments are the only ones that keep all parents sane, so rest assured there will be enough of those. I only wished the challenges were inversely proportional to their age :-p

  5. Lovely post Uma! Only had time to read it now. Specially loved the conversation about age... Can relate to it totally!

    1. Thanks a lot, Megha..yes, I can imagine :-))

  6. Nice post Uma, Belated birthday wishes to R

  7. Belated happy birthday to R, Uma! Five is a fantabulous age to be:)


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