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It's raining animals and other things too..

Yes, animals completely dominate our house these days. From prehistoric extinct ones to reptiles to mammals to water animals to what not. If these were not enough, I get to hear new invented names like Moon tiger or such-like. I guess that's what happens when your kid gets too absorbed in the Encyclopedia and Animal Planet and Nat Geo. 

There is also a few found fascination for topics about age, planets, fire, death, etc. Some of this can be attributed to his equally imaginative friend who generously shares some of his valuable knowledge and imaginative stories with R :-) 

Thus, we have some funny and weird conversations.

R: Amma, you know I'm a killer whale. I'm 1000 years old and you can't even carry me!


His friend has a fascination for the number 5 and is eagerly waiting to turn 5. Of course, this fascination is duly passed on and R wants to know when he'd turn 5. 

R: I'm 4 years old and tomorrow I'll become 5 and be very strong. (It's always tomorrow, btw)

In another instance, he asked me my age and then appa's. His reaction?

"So much?! Then you'll die!"

So much for being subtle about things like death. Sigh!


At any random time, we can hear R saying this or something to this effect:

"I put you fire and then you'll go out of this Earth or I'll throw you into Saturn!"


Yeah, the last bit did unsettle me a bit the first time I heard it but considering R's age, I'll give him some rope.  I do make it a point to remind him that we should talk nice things rather than violent ones even if imaginative.  


I did not experience the (in)famous terrible two's and three's with R in the conventional sense. He did throw challenges but it was more to do with me having to deal with his unrestrained energy levels for most part. But as he crossed the 4th year, I can see a change of wind. He's more assertive than ever before, anxious to have his way in every small thing. A child that never cried even when strongly reprimanded now sheds copious amount of tears when faced with disapproval or denial from us parents. He can really drive me up the wall with out-of-blue and ill-timed demands like having a particular drawing done on his hand (just before leaving for school or before bed) or suddenly 'remembering' a particular toy when outside and demanding to have it right away!

On a positive note, though, I'm happy to see a hunger in him for learning something new and reading/watching constructive material. Just hoping that technology (read gadgets) does not ruin his interest as he grows up.


  1. Replies
    1. hehe.. I was hoping mothers of boys could relate. I'm glad :-)

  2. Ha Ha :) Remembering a toy and demanding for it immediately :) My mom told me how I once threw a toy out of the window of a moving train and then cried for it for the rest of the journey.
    All parents are really an epitome of patience.

    1. Epitome of patience? I'm not that parent, Aarthy..;-)

  3. Cute. I have a 5 year old here and I can almost picturize R :) Every day seems so long yet fulfilling right?

    1. It's definitely filling, Jayashree..;-) btw, how is it managing two now?

  4. So cute. Such innocence and such thirst to know everything is a good sign at his age :)

    Btw, was very busy in preparations before marriage that I couldn't reply for your mail. Thanks a lot for your wishes!

    1. hope the interest continues, Keirthana..and you are welcome :-)

  5. Cute, wow, Encyclopedia, etc at a young age, good. I can't get mine to see anything but cartoons. And at my house I resort to the use of monsters sometimes to get things done.

    1., you are more involved with monsters in your house ;-)

  6. Been missing these posts of yours Uma.. lovely to hear an update on R along with his cute and now highly informed utterances :)


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