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The return gift culture

Birthday parties of children these days give me the heebies jeebies. It is like a mini-wedding in the family! You need to plan well in advance if you wish to host a party that is in line with the current trend. And, the dishes served are no less than at a wedding reception. It is mostly dinner, mind you. Whatever happened to those fun-parties that had the staple wafers, cake, one samosa and a glass of Rasna to wash it all down. When parties meant an hour of merry-making at the house of the host, give small presents to the birthday child, eat and come home.

Children anyway do not eat much at these parties, so the grub is all for the mothers who chauffeur the kids. Is it really necessary to keep an elaborate 4 course meal, apart from a kid's menu? And, what stumps me most is the return gift policy. Ok, I understand that kids feel happy to get something in return but when that 'something' looks and costs more than what you took as a birthday gift, it becomes a little too em…

The pressures of the bandwagon

When you are single, you notice other friends getting married one by one and you immediately feel the clock ticking in your head. (And, I'm not even going into the pestering intrusive prodding from the sundry social circle. )When married, either immediately in some cases or after a couple of years in others, the baby boom around you beings to affect you and the worries of having to deliver the first before the dreaded thirtieth year of age, begin to haunt you. 

The first one comes along in time. You get busy with all the diaper changing, breast-feeding, sleepless nights and before you realize the baby is past a year old. You are beginning to heave a sigh of relief, trying to put together the threads of your life once again; living life once again as a normal individual, happy as a unit of three. You've decided that this is it. Your family is complete and you don't want to re-shuffle the pieces of the jig-saw just as it is coming through beautifully. The child is growing wel…

In life you win some, you lose some

Full of mixed feelings is what I'd describe my current mood to be. One of our couple friends is moving to a distant part of the city in a few weeks from now. Although, technically, we will still be in the same city, it will be practically impossible to meet every weekend or just drop in unannounced at each other's place for a quick coffee and chat during the week- something that had become a routine with us over the past couple of years since we moved to Bangalore.

As I look back at how our friendship developed over the years, it brings a happy smile to my face. The guy and the husband used to be roomies during their bachelorhood. When he got married (just 6 months after our wedding), his wife and I became good friends. However they moved to B'lore soon after and we only remained in touch over the phone. We had our babies in the same year (just a month apart) and this made the bonding even stronger.  We went through similar pains and troubles in the first year of being par…

Into the New Year...and here I'm

More than a fortnight into the New Year and am still settling down into my old routine. I wanted to take a break from the blog after the marathon blogging session but had no idea that the break would stretch endlessly so. So, has the New Year really brought in so many things for me to juggle that I had no time to mark my presence at my favourite hangout: the blog? Not really. It was just a combination of some factors coupled with inertia that just had to be shrugged off. 

Returning home after a vacation entails a not-a-very-happy session of unpacking, washing, drying, arranging and re-arranging things, stocking up groceries, gearing up for the familiar yet forgotten routine and eventually settling down to the pace and flow of things.  Just a week after going through the unpacking routine, I had to pack my bags off again for a short stay at the in-laws place for Pongal. We took our first solo road trip and I must say it was a great experience. Although I was a little jittery in the begi…