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Learning and educating the Zen way

Sometimes we have to unlearn what we have learnt so far to create openness and space within us to accept fresh ideas, to look at life in a different way. Our traditional forms of education have sadly bridled our minds with preconceived ideas and notions and we have formed a nasty habit of rejecting all that does not fit into the accepted mould of beliefs. This article here: is a lovely exercise that we need to practice on a daily basis to perhaps get rid of the cobwebs accumulated in our thoughts. Interestingly, these are the very practices that are taught in yoga camps and forms of meditation.

This other one here:
again reinforces my belief in the Montessori way of teaching. Keeping the child as the focus, rather than the syllabus is the way to go ahead. A subject can be presented in various forms-audio, visual, through stories, art, craft- to ena…

Updates from R world

After a week of festivities and 4 crazy days without the internet, I am happy to be here before my favourite gadget. Really, I might have mentioned this before but a period of abstinence from the computer/virtual world makes me want to climb up the wall. I may not voluntarily want to write or interact with anyone virtually for days, but give me a non-functioning net connection or machine and I am ready to bawl or bug the husband.

But, the enforced downtime gave the mother-son duo the bonus hours to bond qualitatively as well as quantitatively. R was happy to have the mom a.k.a ready partner to play cars and aeroplanes and read out books as much as he liked while the mommy too found it easy to play without the guilt of neglecting work. There is only so much following up and pestering the cable guy even mommy can do!

The little frisky guy is growing up to be a big boy in many ways. He has calmed down in his manners- he no longer is the restless toddler at home (at least not at all tim…

Having all the time in the world

The other day I went to a doctor for a bad throat. After the usual examination and questions, he began writing the prescription and advised the usual saline water gargling. After which, he asked me a cursory question as to whether I'm a homemaker or a working woman. Then, he said," aah, then you have all the time in the world. You can gargle as many times you want in a day!"

Why o' why do people assume so many things about others. Especially about lives of people they have no inkling about. Even if the woman had been his mother, I'm sure the fellow would've had no idea the kind of work she did around the house so that he could stick his neck up in the world pooh-poohing homemakers of the world.

Is it no work to keep warm meals ready? Does the house miraculously change into a habitable place from a war-struck zone? Or perhaps entertaining and feeding a toddler is not a big deal. There are day cares around, right? Well, when you need the day cares and have eno…

Someone considers me a favourite

The interval between my blog postings is really widening. Although, the amount of official work I do does not amount to full-time on paper, it is in reality eating up my blog-time. I do need to get myself more organized. Working from home should not translate into working all the time, right? And, like the proverbial icing on the cake, the Dasara holdiays for R have begun and this does not help my cause at all.

Of course, I am not here to rant about all this. This is infact a long overdue post that was lying in my drafts.  Me of Privytrifles had long ago passed on the "Liebester Blog" title to my blog. I had meant to take this up immediately but somehow never got around doing it. This has been the first time, I've taken so long to acknowledge a fellow blogger's token of appreciation. My heart-felt apologies to "ME".

Me of Privy Trifles is a wonderful writer. Her blog is a wonderful mix of fiction and non-fiction. Her salt and pepper series is something I lo…

Health, weather and work

We battled out a nasty viral attack in the past two weeks. All the three of us were affected in varying degrees, starting off however with the same symptom- a bad throat. Poor R was the most affected of the lot. It took him a week to recover from the fever and associated weakness and he is still regaining the lost appetite. Not to mention the weight lost, regaining which will be my headache for the next few months. You take all the pains to make your child have nutritious meals in the hope to see the upward graph on that weighing chart, and suddenly in just a matter of few days, all your efforts are blown off by one stroke of the malicious virus.

Bangalore has been seeing a lot of these bad throat-viral flu combination in these past weeks. And, predictably so. The weather has been at its worst. Having almost nil rains this season, the sun is at its battering best. To top it all, the temperature fluctuations have been very steep and frequent. If it is sweltering in the day, it can becom…

Tantrums of an elevator!