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Updates from R world

After a week of festivities and 4 crazy days without the internet, I am happy to be here before my favourite gadget. Really, I might have mentioned this before but a period of abstinence from the computer/virtual world makes me want to climb up the wall. I may not voluntarily want to write or interact with anyone virtually for days, but give me a non-functioning net connection or machine and I am ready to bawl or bug the husband.

But, the enforced downtime gave the mother-son duo the bonus hours to bond qualitatively as well as quantitatively. R was happy to have the mom a.k.a ready partner to play cars and aeroplanes and read out books as much as he liked while the mommy too found it easy to play without the guilt of neglecting work. There is only so much following up and pestering the cable guy even mommy can do!

The little frisky guy is growing up to be a big boy in many ways. He has calmed down in his manners- he no longer is the restless toddler at home (at least not at all times), always upto some mischief or antics, rather, is able to sit down patiently for a while with a toy or a book. (However I cannot say the same for the outdoors, or shopping at malls: these places still lure him to run around uninhibited.) The recent parents-teachers meeting at R's Montessori reinforced our observation and it made us happy to hear from his teachers too about how initially R could not sit in one place for even 5 minutes but can now easily sit to finish an activity even if it takes him an hour. Whether it is the Montessori effect or is it generally a part of growing up, I can't say. All in all, it is definitely a more peaceful phase of parenting than ever.

R has always loved books and am glad that the interest has not waned one bit. I try and keep adding different kinds of books to his collection. There are some books that pique his curiosity and interests more than the others and it shows in the level of repetition. He knows a few of them by rote and rattles off the sequence of events from his mind as he turns the pages.

R is increasingly losing the baby lingo and is constructing many long and difficult sentences. He comes up with things that make us go LOL or red in face depending upon the context. I must say kids do have the knack to say the darndest and sweetest things to say at times. A charmer, he knows when I am really upset, makes a sad face and says, "sorry amma, I won't do it again". And, he can get very persistent in getting my attention. For.e.g it is not sufficient anymore to absent-mindedly say a 'hmm..','ok', or even 'good' to some of his statements. He catches the disinterest and lack of attention and pleads in turn," amma, nee R kitta paesaen..." (amma, why don't you talk to me?") :-)
Trust me, it is not easy to listen to constant mindless chatter and to be able to satisfactorily respond to statements like "this car is going phut phut and fell down with a thud" or questions like "why a certain car is a Alto and not anything else" or a random shout of objects identified from a book.

As you can see, the obsession with cars and other vehicles is pretty much going strong. Even a fleeting glance of an advert with vehicles while skipping channels catches R's attention and he demands to watch it, "I want to see that car/truck/plane. You also see that. Don't watch this." Hmm.


  1. He's such a boy! I really want to meet him :) Glad he loves books...this phase is so cute ( I always say that about every phase that I have just passed thro :))

    1. We shall meet and very soon. It will be great fun to meet up with kids, right? The husbands can join too like I was telling apster the other day :-)

  2. He's growing up isn't he Uma.. would love to meet him soon :)

    And the cars, yes not going to change anytime soon ;).. if hubby's interests are any indication!

    1. we need to plan better and meet up!

  3. He is a typical boy, Uma. Am glad he loves, hope it remains forever...I can see that he is growing up from your post. Take care..:)

    1. Thanks, Latha :-)) take care too :-)

  4. As a mother of girls this obsession with cars I don't get, but good that he will keep you updated in days to come! Lol, the attention bit, I totally understand :) Nice to see you back.

    1. oh, yes, the way he is going, soon he will be teaching me a thing or two about vehicles, cars and the likes..thanks, Vibha :-)

  5. how, please tell me how, did you manage to calm him down..R is almost an year older and still cant sit at one place for more than 5 Uma, How???

    1. errr..RM...seems like I concluded the calm part a little too soon. He's been like a little hurricane since the past few days..;-) In any case, whatever change I was talking about only amounts to times (a part of the time) he spends indoors :-)))

  6. :D

    Reminds me of my brother. When he was young, he had a bag full of his favourite cars which he would religiously carry everywhere along with him. No one was allowed to touch them ever!!

    Boys and cars seem to go hand in hand just like girls and their dolls do:)

    1. hahaha..yeah, that's what I keep hearing about boys and cars :-)

  7. "He catches the disinterest and lack of attention and pleads in turn," amma, nee R kitta paesaen..." (amma, why don't you talk to me?") :-)"

    Awwww....what a cutie-pie, how can u resist him Uma:-))???
    As they grow more changes will appear and all for the good....patience is our only weapon:-)).
    It reminds me of an incident when Nikita was small[nothing related but it just came to mind]...I was sick for a week and so was very tired. Nikita must have been 3 or 4 and cdn't understand why I was lying in bed all the time. She had a routine she knew by heart and so as per time she wd come and drag me out of bed saying "Mama it's time for my bath" "Mama its time for food" "Time to sleep";-D. A friend of mine who was visiting me was stunning when she watched this & was like "First time I'm seeing it happen the other way around";-D

    1. Stunned, I meant stunned;-/

      R loves books huh...believe me this is a good gene which he has inherited:-).

    2. said it! I'm trying to muster all of it. It is cute mostly, thankfully but there are times when I really want to stop him from chattering all the time :-)))
      awww @ Nikita's behaviour..she must have really missed then, right? :-)

  8. Hi Uma,
    It's always a delight to read about R!! Good for you that "Denace the menace" has calmed down a bit.. :D A very sweet post.. :-)

    1. Hey Radhika..thanks so much..:-)))


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