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Learning and educating the Zen way

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Sometimes we have to unlearn what we have learnt so far to create openness and space within us to accept fresh ideas, to look at life in a different way. Our traditional forms of education have sadly bridled our minds with preconceived ideas and notions and we have formed a nasty habit of rejecting all that does not fit into the accepted mould of beliefs. This article here: is a lovely exercise that we need to practice on a daily basis to perhaps get rid of the cobwebs accumulated in our thoughts. Interestingly, these are the very practices that are taught in yoga camps and forms of meditation.

This other one here:
again reinforces my belief in the Montessori way of teaching. Keeping the child as the focus, rather than the syllabus is the way to go ahead. A subject can be presented in various forms-audio, visual, through stories, art, craft- to enable the child grasp the concept in the manner the child is naturally inclined to learn rather than forcing the child to learn the method in which the concept is presented. Creative learning needs to find place in our education system. Challenging the traditional way of looking at and presenting ideas need to be done away with.

Yes, as the article says, all this comes with the challenge of having trained teachers at all levels and until this happens, atleast a resource room needs to be encouraged in all schools.

There is a serious need for change in our education system. Hope that, these methods will be a part of teaching methods soon and there is never a time in our children's lives where they need to unlearn what has been learnt and that learning becomes a seamless and continuous process that does not pose a challenge in finding solutions in practical life.


  1. Yes Uma, I'm a big believer in the Montessori way too Uma. Only the fear of the rat race made me change to a conventional school in 1st Std - which is going ok so far but I know the craziness will start in a couple of years for D!

    1. I'm increasingly becoming a fan too. I might be shifting R to a big school next year because I fear we might not get the school we want at a later stage. The school we are hoping to get admission into too has a Montessori for the pre-schoolers hence, not feeling as bad. Still I keep revisiting my decision considering the place R goes to now is quite nice and nearby too. sigh! we can't have it all, right?

  2. So truly said Uma.. our education system really needs some superman to come and change things!

    Sometimes I get scared when I see the same things I had studied as that means though the world has changed by a few decades the education being given is still few decades old. Who will prepare the next generation to face the world then?


    Sigh!! Wish someone is listening to all this

    1. Hopefully things will change, Me. Things are definitely much better if not great compared to my time, I'd say.

  3. That's asking for too much but if it happens, that the best change that can be brought into the system.

    1. is it, Jas? Well we can always hope for better things, right?

  4. Interesting one Uma!!! I mean this is a big culture change the adaptability for such a change is what challenging! but as I read through the links I am sure this gives a complete new dimension in education! Lets wait to see if these will be widely accepted!

    1. As I read through the links, it really struck me that if this is imbibed in our education system, we certainly will have more secure and self-confident future generation.

  5. Life is all about learning, re-learning and un-learning :) :)

    1. If the unlearning is a conscious attempt, then it surely is welcome. But if we can enhance the way we receive the knowledge in the first place then perhaps we may automatically be more open to newer and challenging ideas.

  6. I think there is a slow, but consistent change in the way kids are being taught today. It will be more individual driven in a few more years, is my gut feel.. Interesting read..

    1. yes, even I see a small but significant change. Hoping that the change continues in the positive direction in the years to come.

  7. I loved the message about enjoying the process without worrying about the finished product in the first article .. Very true and much needed philosophy to be applied in life

  8. This is such an important post. You have beautifully and passionately written about the need for creative learning for the kids who are stifled by the sheer volume of information. Our education system needs an overhaul and a healthy mix of ways wherein children learn and understand in a happy and playful manner rather than read them superficially and without interest.

    “Keeping the child as the focus, rather than the syllabus is the way to go ahead.” Beautifully said. And thanks for those 2 wonderfully written articles.

    1. thank you, Raj! glad you liked them :-)


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