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The Shiva Trilogy part I and II

I just finished reading the very exciting first two parts of the trilogy by Amish Tripathi- The Immortals Of Meluha and The Secret Of The Nagas.

What if Lord Shiva who is worshipped as God was only just a human being like you and me but was elevated to the status of a God due to his sheer karma? This is the basic premise of the trilogy which mixes fiction with historical facts very beautifully to send across a far deeper message. Shiva is portrayed as a ordinary person who is faced with the enormous challenge to rise to the call of his destiny that may elevate him to be called as the God of Gods or the Mahadev. The story is set in the period after Lord Ram, with two set of clans-the Suryavanshis and the Chandravanshis- fighting a moral battle. An age-old battle between the good and evil unravels through the life of Shiva, the path he chooses and the decisions he makes that makes him an extraordinary power.

The plot, the characters and the details of the story-line have been etched ou…

A library for toys

When we think of libraries, sights of neatly stacked books for various age-groups encompassing a variety of genre, in an airy room tucked away in our friendly neighbourhood fills our mind. A great concept that allows for sharing and reading endless books without having to spend a fortune, yet satiating the desire to devour the girth of knowledge and experiencing the joys of reading. Now, by extending this thought, think of the possibilities when you replace books with toys. Interesting, isn't it?

A toy library is not a foreign concept. It is perhaps a lesser known concept that has not been fully exploited. I first came across this concept when I went to Mumbai last year. My sister is a member of a toy library and it was through her that I got introduced to this interesting idea. It works in the same fashion as a book library would. A deposit fee and a rental fee is all you need to get a membership and lo! a plethora of good quality activity toys that caters to a wide age group of…

When I shopped at

I have never shopped online except for buying movie tickets or travel tickets. The sheer experience of feeling the products with bare hands and looking at the various options at a store outlet gives me more confidence about the shopping deal. However, when I got an opportunity to shop with, I decided to give it a try since I had heard positive reviews about their shopping portal.

The portal did not disappoint me. From watches, shoes and wallets to clothes, jewellery and toys, this portal has something for everyone-men, women and kids. You can even buy home furnishing and decor items. You can view the product from various angles, including close-ups, to give you the actual feel of the product. The clothes section also displays the range of colours in which the displayed piece is available along with the sizes. You also have the luxury of choosing between multiple brands for the line of products.

I am wary of purchasing clothes online for the fear of ordering a wrong size. Y…

The buddha in my life

Talking to some people even after a long gap brings a smile to your face. You, somehow connect to the person from where you had left off. And, the interesting part is, this is so even though you were never the thickest of pals in that sense where you practically knew everything about each other. Just simply, comfortable friends. So, I met one such friend online the other day, after what seems like ages. We chatted on happily, catching up on each others' lives.

Misery always seeks company. Well, misery may be a strong word here, but any situation that is not (seemingly) worth boasting about to the world, seems better when you find others for company. The thing in question is the nature of husbands. Women all over the world can join hands in feeling empathy for the lady crooning "main kya karron Ram, mujhe Buddha mil gaya" on screen. Buddha does not mean Gautam Buddha here or even someone with his qualities. It also does not mean an Old man in the literal sense. The song p…

My dream house

Living in a rental house comes with its limitations. You need to toe the line drawn by the landlords. Also, you tend to be frugal in your decor needs, saving it all for "the own house". However, of late, I've been dreaming of setting up my own house quite a bit. I have been spending ridiculous amounts of time glued to the computer screen drooling over the gorgeously done up homes that get featured on these wonderful Indian decor blogs (stalking the interior decoration blogs can be quite addictive!). It is such a pleasure to have even a glimpse of the featured lovely corners, exquisite artworks on the wall, the furniture, fabrics that have been used to perfection; and most importantly to understand how much of thought, passion and effort has gone in to provide the personal touch that truly makes a house a home.

I have come to realize that I love the Indian ethnic style the best. The ethnic decor with traditional brass and wooden artifacts adorning the nooks and corners, …

Of book-reading and crafts exhibition- a satisfying weekend

We had reason to smile a lot this weekend. I had planned on attending a book-reading/launch session by Arthi Anand Navaneeth, also known as Artnavy of The not-so artful dodger. This was being done a second time in the city and since I missed the previous one, I was keen on attending it. I am glad we made it inspite of the horrible traffic which made an anxious me grate on the husband's nerve and also causing us to miss the introduction. But, the fun we had compensated us for all that.

The book "Have you seen this?" written by her (published by Tulika publications) is an imaginative read for children aged 3+. But, am sure, most parents present there would agree, it was a hit among us adults too. The book just piques on the curiosity and imagination of children who at that age are never afraid to imagine and dream things which may seem ridiculous to the logically trained older (in terms of age) brains.

The illustrations (by Roomani Kulkarni) are colourful and just apt for…