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Son, you might want to know...

..that though I am not be recording this space about you very often, it doesn't mean a thing.

Your growth, development and milestones have become so much a part of our lives that I need to really sit down and think of how far you've come and what are the new feathers that don your cap. My frenzy ritual of checking with Babycentre updates every month slowed down soon after your first birthday and is gradually coming to a slow halt as I am no longer worried about how ahead or behind you are of your peers. Every new thing you learn, say or do is noticed and enveloped in our lives as a matter-of-fact but nevertheless consciously noted and cherished.

You love going to school everyday. Since we know this for a fact, we take the liberty to tease and test you often by saying, "oh! lets not send you to school today" only to hear the unfailing retort, "don't say that. I want to go to school". You probably do not realize the silly wave of pride that swells up in our heart. I hope and pray that the love to learn newer stuff never diminishes and the institutions you might attend at every stage of education continue to fuel the desire and provide sufficient and healthy nourishment to the mind and body.

While you still drive me nuts with your hyper-active nature, you are by far a reasonable and understanding child. You are easy with any change in the routine or schedule and adapt quite well to situations. I have realized that a time-out works as a power mantra to counter any tantrum or wrong behaviour (at least for now). Although you are getting smarter by the day, it is still relatively easy to distract or fool you into doing what I want you to do. Well, am going to enjoy this for as long as it lasts for I also know that it won't last very long. The question phase that was limited to hows and whats has (to my discomfort) extended to whys. Anything and everything is punctuated with a why. Only I know how ridiculous they sound!

You are learning the art of manipulation. Rather quite fast. When you are upset with either me or your father, you instinctively know how to deflate our respective egos and run to the other adult to garner support/empathy. That, your father and I are almost always on the same side when it comes to parenting rules quite simply defeats your strategy. But, you will learn that later. For now, this is cute.

A piece of conversation your father and I love to carry out with you:
Us: "R, do you love Amma more or Appa more?" or "R, do you want Appa or Amma?"
You: Amma, Appa, Ishabh! :-)
A true diplomat in the making???

Cars and other vehicles still remain your favourites. Your knowledge repository of car models is growing, with the newest addition being Dissan. No, that's not a typo. You pronounce it so..:-)


  1. That was very sweet Uma...How old is your kiddo now?

    1. Thanks a lot, Jayashree :-) He is 2 years and 8 months now.

  2. Bringing up a child must be a real adventure .. It requires a lot of thought and patience but is nevertheless enjoyable isn't it?
    My sis always says -
    'We would be able to gauge how much our parents love us only when we have a child of our own .. Until such time, that unconditional love cannot be imagined at all .. And contrary to the thought that it can never be returned, the very presence of the child in our life has returned more than double of the love we shower'
    What's your take? Am collecting feedback now :)

    1. True that, Aarthy! Actually the respect for your parents increases once you go through what they must have gone through. And, again, we must have kids not because we expect something out of them. They can never be investments of sorts. Taking part in their growing years itself is quite rewarding.

  3. Nice to know that R loves school as usually kids hate going to school!! Amma, Appa, Ishabh: So cute.. :-) Is his name Rishabh?? Lots of love and hugs to him!! :-)

    1. Yes, Radhika! :-) Love and hugs will be passed on :-)

  4. haahha, how sweet!! How old is he now? reminds me of Suzzane's Dairy for Nicholoas. I started something like that, but could not continue..:) keep noting them, they grow so fast..:)

    1. Thanks, Latha! Do note down your kid's antics. It will be fun to read it later when they grow up..:-)

  5. Cuteeeeeeeeey super nice, I loved the idea of making a record of your prince activity this way :) so cute loved every word of it!!! My love and blessings

  6. Awww! Loved the post...made me all warm and happy

    1. glag it made you all warm and happy, RM :-)))

  7. Awww this was such a sweet post Uma...loved it!

    Its pure joy seeing your child grow up and nothing on this earth can match this happiness... I am sure when he grows up he will be really glad to know how you have documented his growing up so beautifully!!

    1. Thanks a lot, Me. I am recording these purely for my benefit. Of course, if R is going to be amused too, I'll be glad :-)

  8. How sweet!! I liked "Dissan" :) Great that he loves school.

    1. :-) I like it too :-) thanks, Aparna. Am crossing my fingers at the school thing. Hope he continues to like it :-)

  9. Ha ha, same story everywhere, today's kids are true diplomats!

  10. Very Sweet.
    Aren't you glad he's diplomatic? ;)

    1. oh, yes..the heart is intact that way ;-)

  11. Cute post, R is a cutie indeed. I too checked baby center updates obsessively at one point of time. Great that he loves school. Re the manipulation, really wonder how they work that out, isn't it?


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