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All about R

It has been so long I haven't updated this space about R. He is growing really fast and we have gotten so used to his non-stop chatter that it does not seem like a recent development at all.

R has a new play now. He arranges all his toys neatly in a long queue or just places them at several interjections to resemble vehicles at a traffic signal.

He loves to observe the working of the ants. Of late there has been a entourage of some big black ants in the house. He lies face down and observes them and can remain quiet for more than 5 minutes thus. The other day I caught him having a small chat with an ant," inge po, veleeya po..door pinnani po" But before I could capture the innocence on a video camera, he caught me with the camera and the moment was all lost :-(

If I ask him to come out of the bathroom after bath, he'd say ," amma, nee po...haallu ku po" !

Every few minutes when he is bored or feels he needs to be given some attention, he'd ask, "amma..nee enna pannrai?"

He is constantly saying something, pointing to some object-could be something in his book or a toy, or humming a rhyme (the rhyme is invariably set to the tune of A B C D...) or a song. Yes, he has taken to singing. Finally, maybe he has inherited some of my genes. Err..although it seems unfair to state that what he hums is quite not flattering to my genes. But it a start, nevertheless right? And, since everyone who sees R, remarks about how he looks likes the husband or how his mannerisms resemble that of the husband, I am holding on closely to whatever traits may have from me.

ETA: just remembered some more R facts :-)

R exercises his independence wherever he is able to ( and also allowed to). He has taken a new fancy to wearing his shorts/trousers by himself when at home. If I happen to help him or do it myself, he would remove it off and wear it again himself, saying "neeye neeye..which means "naane" actually !

Door mats that are inadvertently left creased/folded on one side are neatly straightened and kept at the correct angle :-)


  1. Awesome..he sings already..wait a sing as cool *Respects*

    LOL on talking to ants..he is so cute :)

    1. you can't really call that singing ;-)..yet am glad he's showing some signs..:-)
      thanks for the respect shown *bows humbly*

  2. So cute especially the ants part I can just imagine what that would look like :). LOL on the singing, though I know just what you mean ;).

    1. LOL..
      You do understand, right? Inherited genes can spark off quite a debate. :-)

    2. :). Yes in my case it's funny as many people feel the kids look like me :O, though for the first 2 years of Damita's life I was hearing "Oh she looks just like G!" all the time!
      Be prepared for the shorts wearing going on a while :). In fact the independence is great, and helps get ready better in the morning as they get older and start getting better at wearing them fast and on the right side i.e. front at the front!

    3. aah..looking forward to the independence part though am sure I'll need to keep loads of patience esp. regarding the putting on the right side :-)))

  3. Oh how sweet that he straightens the mats and all :) That's the Virgo in me admiring him!!!
    The 'talk' with the ants - adorable!! Next time ditch the camera so that he will talk longer :))
    I get what you say about holding on to anything he *may* have inherited from you ...sigh...:))

    1. yes, the virgo mother in me is thrilled at having a clone in this respect..I do hope this streak continues. He also loves to put back his discarded clothes into the laundry basket :-)))

  4. LOL.. he removes his shorts/trousers n wears them again!! :D :D Funny one.. :-)

    1. Yeah..but when am in a hurry to finish my chores, it is hardly funny :-)

  5. So sweet...I guess this is one of the most wonderful joys of life which is incomparable to anything at all.

    BTW loved your header - its simply beautiful!!

    1. Yes, is to appreciate the joys that motherhood brings that I wish to record these..esp. on days when am tearing my hear out, it helps to read posts like these :-)
      and thanks so much :-))

  6. R sounds adorable, Uma! It's a nice age to be and comes with its challenges too. My daughters used to watch ladybugs with great fascination, one of them tried to eat one too, thought they were spotted M&Ms, I think. Do try and record singing on a phone if not camera. BTW, same pinch on the virgo bit.

    1. gosh, tried to eat a bug?? *gulps*..I have caught R trying to kill some ants..
      ya, I should try to capture the signing bit..and you too a Virgo??? wow..there's a whole club out here :-)

  7. R talking to the ants......awww so adorable, I cd imagine that scene so well. Children at this learning stage are the best....enjoy it Uma and record the moments, eyes never fail to sting when we watch them years later:-)).

    1. yeah..I know what you mean, Nancy..that's precisely why I want to write these moments down in memory..:-)

  8. So sowww cute - the conversations with the ants, putting on his pants and saying neeye neeye... all of it. They grow up so fast, don't they? :(

    1. Oh I wish the cute and innocent phase remains a little longer :-)

  9. Every time you write a post on R, I would comment DITTO DITTO DITTO! LOL!
    Same dialogues, actions :D
    Gosh.. They are growing up so sooon!!!!!!

    1. guess, R and S are quite similar in their ways..we must meet!
      Once you settle down, we'll plan something, wat say??
      They are growing real fast!


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