A rant

I know I know, I said it is break time and here is a new post from me. But let me warn you, it is purely a rant. Had to get it out of my system. So guys you are free to skip reading the following.

It has been a crazy and sick-literally- holiday so far. For the first 10 days, R and S (niece) took ill one after the other. We barely got well and adjusted to the new place and my mom has now fallen sick. R is still being strange. He is back to his naughty and mischievous self, no doubt. But he rarely plays alone with my parents. Not even his paati with whom he was all chummy just a month back at Bangalore. Five minutes with them and he begins to look for me. This has thrown all my plans of meeting friends, shopping and general TP out of the window. There is no point dragging him along for the above itinerary.  He wouldn't relish it or let me either. Also, he eating all my time by insisting on viewing some rhymes whenever I get a chance to be at the computer. The keyboard and CPU being at his reach makes it difficult for me to multi-task this activity which otherwise I used to do at my place. Not only the computer but the switches around the house are all at his reach and when he is not bothering me, he is playing truant with them-"on", "off" goes each one of them like a discotheque. Hardly amusing when the house has been recently renovated with every corner shining clean and bright. I am just putting it down (the clingy behaviour, that is) to being at a new place compounded by the fact that his dad is not around. Though, given his hitherto easy-going nature has me unconvinced with this reasoning. But, you can't really predict toddler behaviour, right? Hoping that this is temporary phase and he has not morphed suddenly into a clingy, insecure child. *crossing fingers*.

My worries carry further. Hubby might have to travel abroad starting mid-Nov for about 6 weeks. This translates to me having to come back to Mumbai for the said period. With R's current behaviour, that's hardly a jump-with-glee situation for me. That's not all, we had a sight-seeing trip to Bhubaneshwar planned along with my sister's family in Dec to coincide with my cousin's wedding there. I was looking forward to that trip since the time we got to know of the wedding which is like 6 months now. I'll still go for the wedding but am seriously reconsidering taking the sight-seeing route 'cause am really not up to putting up with R in his current persona all alone. To manage a hyper-active AND clingy toddler all alone is not my idea of a vacation. I am not even talking about the multitude of ticket rescheduling that will have to be done. I am still sulking with the new development, though. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Phew! rant over.

P.S.: Secretly hoping that the visa gets rejected *casting an evil-spell, muhahahaa*


  1. Darrrlinggg....there is nothing much u can do...gotta grin & bear it;-D

  2. Aww Uma.. that sounds really crazy for you. I'm sure it's to do with the unfamiliar surroundings + sickness and it won't be the same the next time you're there.

    I can so understand not wanting to manage R without hubby especially while traveling! Noticed the smaaaal font P.S ;)

    And hey what are friends for if not to read the rants too :)

  3. R is a darling... You are blessed to have a kid like him :)

  4. Nancy: yuss yuss..who can understand this better than you..:-)
    err..btw, did I just spot just a teeny-weeny smug grin on your face or is it my imagination?? ;-)

    Aparna: well, actually only the font was smaal..the feelings, laaaarge in my heart!
    thank god for friends, thank you!!!

    Tan: yes, Tan I feel blessed too..thanks! :-)

  5. Uma, really feel for u. I can imagine how tough (and frustrating) it must be. Good luck with getting thro this phase...I am sure its just a phase! Let's be hopeful, Dec is still some time away, maybe he'll be loads less clingy by then? Isn't your hubby going to be back by then?
    Btw, if u want more "buri nazar" on the visa prospects, let ur blog friends know. Our combined prayers may have some effect :)

  6. Hugs rey...I can so understand this...R does this even as she is 3!

    so dont worry..dont cancel the trip because of this..he will enjoy perhaps and have fun with the others :)

    Hugs again

  7. teeeny-weeny.....hah it was a full-fledged one;-D

  8. Hey Umaaaaaaa
    First of all, hugs to u both mother and baby and "get well soon" wishes.
    I second both Aparnas on this one.
    Kids are clingy in a new place. Kids are clingy during travel.
    Kids are clingy when ill.
    Therefore, new place+travel+illness= big time clingy. Normal. Frustrating, but expected.
    But i'm not being mean here. Just letting u know we've all been through it all. These are the situations that make you want to swear u'll never travel again, think that you'll never be able to have a normal life again (read: shopping with girlfriends) etc.
    BUT, and that's the big But, he'll be fine second time around...that too it's going to be a after a short gap, so u'll be fine. Go sightseeing and if there's a fuss from him, hop off the tour and take a taxi back...but GO!!!!! PSSST: there will be other people around to help and soothe him on the tour...I handed over a cranky and wailing 6-month-old Sonny Boy to hubby's single colleagues in Mysore -- they were great with him and he with them. Well, at least for a few minutes, which is a break... So u never know....

  9. Aparna: Thanks so much for the good wishes! yeah, am also hoping he'll be much better by dec. Hubby will miss the wedding and be back by dec 20th latest I think.
    and lol @ combined "buri nazar".

    RM: You guys are giving me hope and confidence. Thanks so much! *hugs back* :-)

    Nancy: hmpf...i guessed as much..:-P

    FM: Hi eid ka chaand..where do you disappear? dont get so busy with work yaar..
    and thanks sooo much for the wishes. *hugs back*
    mom is better now, phew! :-)
    no no you are not mean..i completely agree, it is the new place that's making him anxious.. you handled a 6mth old alone?? where's your feet lady??
    Yes, yes you have given me courage now.

    @ALL: Thank you so much for the good wishes and encouraging words. I feel much better now and R is also showing signs of improvement in terms of moving better with my folks here. So yes, mostly the sight-seeing trip is still on. :-D.
    I'll miss hubby, though. :-( *sniff, sniff*

  10. Radhika: hahahaha..you said it!!!

  11. Chill... Its going to be alright... It surely must be the new surroundings... You will have a wonderful trip:) And btw, hope the kids and your mom are doing fine now..

  12. @Uma Yes.. assuming it has nothing to do with me!! ;) ;)

  13. Vidya: Thanks a ton Vidya..
    yep, all are fine now..:-)

    Radhika: well...its all about perception..:-)


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