Break (brake?) time....

A combination of various factors is keeping me away from my favourite activity of blogging.

  1. Blog idea planting its seed. No time to make it into a full-fledged post because either the kids (R and niece S) are viewing Tom & Jerry on the computer or within minutes of logging on, I am required to play referee to a power-struggle between R & S. Net result-Idea lost. 

  2. Computer free, I can contemplate writing. But *Tish* the power goes off. Damm the load-shedding.

  3. Power on, computer free, surprise of surprise- kids not climbing on me or chewing my brains. Perfect? oh no, the net connection is so poor that I can take a short walk and still find the page loading screen.

But, I badly want to post something, so, here I vainly announce that my blog crossed 10,000 page hits today.

So, folks maybe it's time I take a short break till the factors start to favour me.


  1. Congratulations on hitting the 10k landmark :)
    The load-shedding schedules can be such a pain :(
    Enjoy with the kids :)

  2. congratulations :) Atleast write on notepad or something so that the idea doesn't get lost, na? Don't tease us with blog posts about how you are NOT able to churn out more blog posts!!! Arre--- when u have a readership, u have to be more responsible, power or no power :))

  3. Congrats on the 10000 wala should be proud :)

    Come back fast theek hai?

  4. awwww... i can understand the obstacles and resultant loss of idea! Congrats on the 10k hits... may there be many many many more! :)

    and waiting for u to be back from a break

  5. hey!! congrats for 10,000 hits!! waiting for your next post.. :)

  6. Congrats !! And waiting for a more masala post from you soon ;).

    Are you back in Bangalore?

  7. Congratulations on the 10k landmark :)
    See you on the other side of the break SOON :)

  8. Theerailivedin: Hi, welcome here and thanks for commenting! :-)
    will visit your space soon..

    Aparna: Thanks Aparna! and lol..yeah, sure need to be responsible..but seriously, maybe its the writer's block or whatever. Also, hard pressed for some "me" time.

    RM: proud ka pata nahin re..just posted it..
    jaldi milte hain..:-)

  9. Purnima: Thanks a lot Purnima! hows your health? has the countdown begun?

    Radhika: Thanks a lot Radhika!

    Aparna: Thanks a lot Aparna! also digging into my brains for stuff..but i think its more to do with still at mumbai.
    No time at parent's place, can you beat that??

    CB: Thanks a ton CB!!

    @ All: Happy to know, I'll be post will be out soon..:-)

  10. Baby countdown?? No, not yet... that's in Jan.. so still time for that. :)


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