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The Art Of Living

Observing R leaves me wondering where and when did we (grown ups) leave behind the art of living. It is amazing how he or in general toddlers carry on with their day. It is strictly on a day-to-day basis. They do not remember yesterday and they couldn’t care for tomorrow.

Our baggage of past eats well into our today and our today is creased with worry lines of tomorrow. We simply cannot concentrate on today and we do not remember the moments that went by.

Every moment is lived to the fullest. Even the tiniest accomplishment (it is not tiny for them of course) gives him the world of joy. No amount of failure or hurdles puts a spoke in his determination. He is relentless in his pursuit.

How come we never notice, leave alone revel in our small victories? How every step we take needs to be a success; so obsessed we are with whatever definition we have of success we fail to appreciate the little things that matter. Every obstacle we come across translates into our personal failure and a tryst with self-pity.

He goes about playing the same game over and over with no signs of boredom. In fact he sees a new way about it each time. Every day he learns something new.

How easily we tire of the routine and mundane! We have nothing new to add to the routine and the very task wears us down. And learning something new needs a lot of planning.

He laughs so easily. Even after I lose my temper at him during my moments of frustrations, he is easily cheered. No trace of any grudge. Forgiveness comes naturally. It is all forgotten the next moment.

How we struggle to smile our woes away. How minutely we keep track of our hurt moments; forgive we may but forget we don’t.

He eats only when he needs to and sleeps only as much as he needs waking up always refreshed and happy.

Do I need to say about how we go about with our eating and sleeping patterns? I do not remember the last time I woke up feeling refreshed and happy. Always wanted a few more minutes!

We are in a hurry to grow up when young and wish to go back to our childhood when older. We attend art of living courses to learn the very same foundation lessons that came so easily and naturally to us when younger. But are we even letting children live their childhood? The first brush with competition and rat race begins with the school admissions itself. What with tiny 3 and 4 year olds having to prepare for an interview! It is no less than a job interview with interviews scheduled at 3-4 schools before choosing the best one. Or is it the other the way round with the schools choosing their wards? It does not end there. At every stage the child is made to compete with the peers in academics and extra-curricular activities. A is going to skating and karate classes why should B be left behind. In all this, somewhere important lessons are missed and then we wonder years down the line on some blog like this.


  1. this is so true.....I really feel I dont do justice as a mother. would ideally love to allow kids to be as they are...not want toimpose restrictions on them...sigh! Im hardly like that

  2. very well written! i think growing up is full of bad things. You have to give up innocence, adopt selfishness, learn anger, master in arguments, practise how to crinkle nose, laugh a lot less... if you don't, everyone will say "what world are you living in?" or "why haven't you grown up?"

  3. Chitra: its ok. We are doing our best..

    Purnima: Thank you! Ya, in many ways we need to adapt the ways of the world to "fit" in. Hopefully, in spite of this, goodness prevails.

  4. Uma..landed here through blogadda while I was going through my newly opened account :-) Your articles are short and very nice. They resonate with my thought process. Keep going. Also do check out my food blog whenever u get time.


  5. Sharada: Thanks a lot! Gald you like my work! keep visiting

  6. Nicely observed Uma. Especially the part about forgiving our anger towards them in a jiffy - that lasts for a long time - even my 6 year old doesn't carry a grudge after i scold her ! I know that's going to change soon :).

  7. Aparna: thanks Aparna! isnt it amazing how they live right in the moment?

  8. a world of truth in one single post.

    seriously where and when did we lose ourselves! is a question like u said raised in many a blog posts!

    1. we lost ourselves sadly when we supposedly grew up to fit in the big bad world :-(


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