Because I don’t speak,
Doesn’t mean I lack the courage
Because I don’t ask,
Doesn’t mean I don’t understand
Because I don’t cry,
Doesn’t mean I am not hurt
Because I don’t pry,
Doesn’t mean I am not concerned

I have a heart that feels,
I have a mind that thinks,
I am compassionate, so I know,
What can be said is best unsaid
I am just and fair,
But I am not perfect for all I care

I may not be the way you want me to be
Yet I am a soul, pray, don’t ignore me!


  1. Two lines for you from Pink's song "Perfect"-

    "Pretty, pretty please
    Don’t you ever, ever feel
    Like you’re less than
    Less than perfect
    Pretty, pretty please
    If you ever, ever feel
    Like you’re nothing
    You’re perfect to me."

    Those who ignore don't know what they are missing :)

  2. Namratha: Thanks so much. that's sweet...:-)

  3. awesome! I can never pen down these things!

  4. Purnima: hey thanks a ton! very nice of you to say this. *honoured*

  5. i do identify with your words... everyone is not so expressive about what he/she feels... the sad part is not expressing is misunderstood as lack of concern and understanding....

  6. poetry too! :) what cant be mouthed in words, can be written i guess!

  7. Radhika: not just communication but effective communication is the key!

    Vaidegi: Thanks!..u bet..:-)

  8. Swapna: welcome here and thanks a lot!

  9. Wow Uma - Poetry too!! You are really effective in expressing your thoughts in this medium too :). As a bit of an introvert and as a woman, I sure identified with some of those emotions!!

  10. Aparna: thanx a ton! Tht's so nice of you to feels good to be appreciated, albeit I know there are plenty out there who express much much better...

  11. Nicely written lines..Could never write two rhyming lines and jealous of those who can:(

  12. Perception: thanx..not sure of a repeat performance..:-) and welcome here.


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