Blog Awards

Awards that make the rounds in the blogosphere are essentially a gesture of appreciation, a sign of encouragement, a nod of approval- could be from your peers, experienced bloggers or even newbies who admire your writing; to keep the writer in you gratified and enthused about the process of creating magical weaves with words.

I'm extremely thankful to the people who have considered me to bestow the following awards of appreciation:

Thank you Soumyaa (Shall I call it a tale) and Namrata/'Privy Trifles'(Memoirs of me) for the above.

Thank you Aparna (Adventures in Mommyland) and Nancy (Reflections) for the above.

Thank you Namrata (Privy Trifles) once again!


  1. Nice post !! thanks for describing the information and writing post on this topic!! I like it . thanks for sharing.

  2. The way you wrote everything that's so good. Thanks for sharing this with us

  3. So interesting blog this is i really liked it.
    You shared this with us for that i really thank you.


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