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A decade of togetherness!

It's our tenth this year
a magical number, for sure
Has it been that long 
since we intertwined our future?

Sometimes it feels like yesterday
and at times an eternity
So different we are
how did we find similarity?

I'm the idealist, prefer the order
you're pragmatic, find beauty in chaos
I like to plan, you're spontaneous
I crave for newness
You love the familiarity

How did we survive?
I ask in mock wonder
We had faith, you affirm
and the trust in each other

Where's the mush? but I whimper
You smile, wide with humour
remark that you'd rather 
warmth, share and care gather

It's true, I know the answer
Indeed I cannot remember
a time when I haven't 
enjoyed a status that's equal
full of respect that's mutual

From the time I stepped in
as your wedded bride
you've held my hand
as a friend, philosopher, guide

You've chosen to lace
the romance with grace
the love, never a blatant show
burning a constant, subtle glow

A supportive co-parent, 
a progressive thinker,
a caring companion, 
an encouraging mentor,
You're all this, perhaps more

 We are a match, probably
even as we bicker silly
about who's a bigger bully
That has to be you,
even you'd agree, surely

We may not hear the thunder
or mellow violins of yonder
no candles are perhaps lit
none ever to offer
a fragrant flower

But, listen we do with our heart
that beats for the other
in the mundane, in the banter
in the squabbles, in the laughter

For you, my breath sings
You're the wind
beneath my wings
Be mine, forever together



  1. Beautiful poem that captures the essence of togetherness. Stay blessed, Uma.

    1. Thank you so much, Shailaja 😍

  2. Aww, that was so sweet, Uma. Happy Anniversary to you both. This year in December we will also celebrate our decade of togetherness. 😀

    1. How lovely,Vinitha! It's always special. Thanks a lot for your wishes 😍

  3. Beautiful poem. Happy anniversary to you two. Today is also my engagement anniversary. 19 Years.

    1. Wow, happy engagement anniversery to you, Lata! And, 19 years? super!!! wish you many many more. And, thanks a lot ❤️

  4. Excellent Uma. Best wishes for many more years of togetherness.

    1. Thank you so much, Megha! ❤️

  5. Such a sweet ode to yourselves, Uma, wishing you both a very happy anniversary!

  6. Very sweet, Uma!

    Happy Anniversary! And hope your love blooms and continues just like this :)

  7. Wishing you several more decades of happiness, Uma. And promise me you'll write a poem as wonderful as this each time! Hugs!

    1. Thanks a ton, Vidya! hahaha..will try to do so :)

  8. Great words to capture a beautiful relationship. Congratulations and wish you many more such decades of loving togetherness.

    1. Thanks a lot, Mr. Sanjay, for your kind wishes!

  9. So beautifully words come forth from you Uma...never expected u to be so poetic...wish you many many more decades of togetherness ...

  10. Like they say, opposite attracts. You sound so much like my husband... Loved this beautiful write of yours, the smooth expression of your love.

    1. And, are you like me, then? Thanks a lot, Raji! :)

  11. Lovely poem. The thread that binds together has found apt expression.

  12. This is really so simple and so very beautiful. A lovely bond shared by the two of you. Stay blessed, Uma!

  13. That's a lovely expression that has captured the love, beauty and warmth of 10 years of togetherness. Wishing you both many many wonderful years together, Uma. Cheers!

    1. Thank you very much, Shilpa! :)

  14. Your joy of togetherness really comes through in this prose!! Good going Uma!

    Theme: Peregrination Chronicles (travel)
    G is for Grape Stomping in Bangalore #atozchallenge


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