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Letting go

Nayana pored over the latest muse, her mind quickly conjuring up several images of the final picture. She closed her eyes briefly to pick the one closest to her heart. It was like a jig-saw that needed several pieces to be infused as a whole.

The browser on her laptop had several tabs opened, each opening up a new dimension to her train of thoughts, throttling them to their destination through the route that Nayana simultaneously charted out in her creative mind.

Nayana cherry-picked her words and strung across a lovely tapestry of nuanced writing. She moved her critical eye over it, tying up loose threads, and adjusting the detailing. Satisfied, she took a deep breath and braced herself for the final stage. She had to let go.

As she let her labour of love travel through the digital space, Nayana imagined with anguish her label over it being peeled off, to be glued on with a different name. Sigh, the life of a ghost writer!

I'm like that!

Like most of us, I've my idiosyncracies. Certain tendencies that are like reflex actions to me amuse others, for instance, my husband. Of course, I tell him off that he's the weird one. Now, don't we all display some quirky behaviour that seems absolutely rational to us? The operational words here are, of course, 'to us'.

I thought of sharing some of my quirks with you all. It'll be a fun exercise to see how many of you find them weird and how many identify with me. So, here you go:

#1. I need my mail Inbox to, at all times, have zero unread messages. Unread messages, some junk others spam, that keep piling up make me restless and I need to delete them, report as spam, whatever, almost immediately. The spam folder also needs to be emptied, pronto! There's something about those numbers within brackets denoting unread messages that play on my mind and I've to do something about it. So, you can imagine my state of mind after a long vacation where I haven&#…

A sweet renunion

The house echos with familiar patter a constant rain of chitter-chatter
A stream of hugs and kisses pour "miss you's and love you's" galore
Stories flow of another home yonder, a loving aunt, and sibling love grander
Suitcases full of love and warmth grandparents had showered forth,
Got unpacked neatly with care reminiscing about the fun affair 
Surprise gifts were thrown in for us parents in the waiting
By the adorable, little guy who's back from Mumbai!

Sweet nothings to reminisce about after a visit home

No matter how old you grow and how long it's been since you left home after marriage, your parents will always treat you special and will try to recreate the atmosphere like you'd never left. 

Usually, if the husband is not travelling with me, Appa insists on picking me up and seeing me off at the airport. And, I always argue knowing only too well in my heart he won't listen. This time, it was Amma who insisted and both of them ended up coming to the airport to see me off :-)

It's sweet to see how Amma feeds the crows and pigeons that feast heartily at a specially made food table outside the kitchen window. The food vanishes within just a few moments of serving. The regulars take the liberty of cawing hungrily and demanding food or more food on certain days and Amma smiles and obliges.

A visit home is never complete without the mandatory gorging on chats and vada pav and binge shopping. Gratifying to say that this was checked off the list this time too!

Love the way my …