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Of collecting and collating memories

We shopped for hours, M and I. I intended buying gifts for family and close friends. In between shopping for others, I browsed and picked up junk jewelry and clothes for myself. Flitting from one shop to another in the row of several tiny shops lined next to each other, we enjoyed the art of shopping as only women can. Despite not being the quintessential shoppers. We realized that we are quite similar in our shopping habits. Focusing on things that we had in mind and not lingering around shops we have no intention of buying from.

We came back satiated to join the men and kids at a beach that's just across M's house. The evening was cool with a light breeze. The clean sand glistened against the dark evening sky. The sea glittered with the lights cast into the waters by a fleet of ships lined up in neat rows farther down the shore. The kids were making merry building sand castles and running about unfettered. As we adults huddled together in the open seating area of the adjace…

We love animals!

After all the drama, it was funny to wake up the next day and start for the same place. To make up for the balance amount on our ticket. Ha-ha, no, we are not that crazy. Yes, we were heading to Sentosa once again. However, this time, the wonderful underwater creatures beckoned us.

SEA Aquarium:
From sharks to stingrays to dolphins to sea horses to clownfishes to coral reef, we got to see them all at such close quarters! It felt surreal to walk through a glass tunnel and see sharks swim above your head. It was like walking through an encyclopedia of aquatic animals, full of wonder and trivia. 
R's injury changed a few things on our itinerary. A water park that had been planned after the aquarium visit had to be canceled. Thus, we had the entire day at disposal. We spent a good three hours leisurely strolling along, and clicking several pictures (this was me, of course). After a late lunch, we headed back home for a relaxed dinner. The next day was devoted to being around with some mo…

A day full of twists and turns!

Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumble Bee, Avengers! Sword! fight! swish, dwish, dishoom, dhaaa! If you are or have a sci-fi aficionado in your home, you're certain to nod your head at the above. For the uninitiated, I'm talking about the world of Sci-fi heroes and Transformers: a fixation with R and his friends' circle. They discuss these characters so passionately as though a post-doc degree would depend on the discussion. And, each is an SME. The already make-believe characters come alive in more creative ways in these little heads. From time to time R imagines himself to be one of these avengers who can transform into vehicles and fight the evil.

So, can you imagine the excitement levels if he went to a place where he could actually be a part of the transformer's game plan?!

The Universal Studios

The Universal Studios in Sentosa Island is a theme park. The joy-rides are based on themes lifted off popular children's' movies like the Madagascar, Lost World, Transfo…

Rendezvous with feathered friends, a river cruise, and a dinner by the bay

The effects of the day's activities and the previous night's flight journey hit us hard by the end of day one. Also, the husband and I were just recovering from the effects of the flu. So, like good kids, we decided to hit the bed early to sleep it all off. Of course, it was a silly thing to do when you have some fun company. Indeed, you lose track of time, and fatigue simply melts away when you have so much to catch up. M and I kept chatting well into midnight; the kids and the menfolk were holed up separately (each happy with a suitable company).

Jurong Bird Park, Merlion Park and around Clarke Quay:

We all woke up quite late the next day, quite understandably so. After a heavy brunch, we started off for Jurong Bird park. We had to take the MRT to the far end of where we stayed. The train ride lasted about 30 minutes during which we amused ourselves with the names of the station and in general people-observing. M had asked me to avoid carrying full-lengthed clothes and as I …

Meandering along and discovering Singapore

We reached Singapore on 19th morning. We had a happy reunion at the airport with M and family who came to pick us up. The kids were so thrilled to see each other after a long gap. They could not contain their excitement and kept chattering at high decibels all along the way. It was a short 15-minute car ride to their house, but long enough to marvel at the chiseled (a tad unnatural, one can say) landscape, spotless roads, and the noiseless and smooth flow of traffic. The roads aren't too wide, yet, I don't recall a single moment of chaos anytime during my stay. The transport, like all other sectors, was organized and moved with clock-work precision. Strict laws, heavy penalty, and a self-imposed discipline among citizens are, I realized (rather wistfully), so essential for an organized society.

After we had refreshed and helped ourselves to some lovely home-cooked brunch (oh, the many joys of having a home as a base during a holiday ;-)), we set out for our first stop on our …

How it all ended and began

2015 had to be a mixed bag for me; Not great, not bad either. Nothing significant achieved or lost, professionally. On the personal front, the husband lost his father early this year. The F.i.L had been ailing for quite some time and while the end was not entirely unexpected, it still came as a sorrowful blow to the near and dear ones leaving an irreplaceable void.

Later in the year, I was to experience a different kind of void as another good friend of mine, M, moved abroad. The same city that seemed so promising and exciting a few years ago because of these friends who were actually extended family seemed empty and boring now with both of them moving to different countries within a span of two years.

Who would've thought that, after years of being spread out in different cities and countries during the years of education, work, and marriage, we'd converge in the same city, bearing children in the same age group, and to top it have the respective husbands get along with each…