Tiny shoes

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Asha felt the soft contours of the tiny shoes.The cute bow sewed over the baby pink woolen wooed her to defy superstitions this time. She smoothed her hand over her growing belly and shuddered inwardly with sour memories. Tears stung her as she thought of her stillborn ones and hastily moved to the next aisle.

A 55-word fiction for day 5 at BarAThon by Blog-A-Rhythm.

Theme Prompt: Tiny shoes


  1. Uff! I'll confess - I was worried about heart-wrenching takes like these with this prompt. It's well done though, Uma!

    1. Well, this was the first thought that came to me and I went by it. Thank you, Sid!

  2. This hits too close home for comfort. The saddest thing ever - to lose a baby. You wove in so much in those 55 words.

  3. 55 words. But enough to make the reader feel the pain. Any form of loss is difficult to deal with, but it is esp. difficult in the case of a baby.


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