Rolling out the red carpet

"Kanna, you need to sleep now. School tomorrow!"

"Amma, please, just five more minutes!"

"Can you finish eating a bit faster?"

"Wait. I'm trying to find San Mousico on the map/ learning The Fantasian alphabets!"

If you're still wondering, we've been invaded by the 'fraidy mouse gang a.ka. Geronimo Stilton club. The titles follow R everywhere. During the snack hours, dinner, before bedtime, and (shudders) 20 sec milk time in the morning! 

Am I complaining? *insert devilish smile*

Of course, not!!! 

I was waiting for this day to dawn. R was always interested in books and until the time he could read on his own, I'd do the honours for him. Well, to be honest, the reading out aloud bit had waned and dipped to dangerous levels in the recent past. However, the saving grace was that he had begun to read, albeit slowly, on his own by then. And, perhaps because the habit had made its mark, he'd still read a bit on his own. 

I was waiting for the time when he'd be consumed by this habit and reach for books as his first choice of free-time activity. Thanks to 'Geronimo', the time arrived earlier than expected. I'm not sure he understands all of what he reads but the interest and enthusiasm is reassuring and I know that in due time he'd pick up the adequate comprehending skills too.

Here's a warm welcome to the little bookworm! 


  1. Isn't that delightful Uma? Though may turn into exasperating too soon, as we have books at loo time too. but a great habit esp with this digital generation....

    1. It is, it is! Yes, I'm aware of the dangers too but I guess we'll be happy with the side-effects of such habits, no? ;-)

  2. Welcome to the frenzy of Geronimo Stilton. I hope you have enough money for the 137 books in the series ;) I personally told Gy to borrow from the school library when she could. :P

    Always a pleasure to have kids who read, of course!

    1. Ha Ha Ha! For now, we are in the happy,indulging, truly- grateful-to-have-a-reading-child phase. I'm sure I'll be directing him to a library soon ;-)

  3. In this age, it's heartening to know about kids who enjoy reading.


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