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What to write?

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Blogger tells me it's been more than 45 days since my last post. I try to log on to blogger and for a few minutes, I'm unable to find the dashboard to my blog. I experience a few moments of panic. With that comes a sudden realization that much as I neglect this space, the thought that it should be taken away from me forever disturbs me. The human mind is funny. You give it something, it doesn't acknowledge it. You take it away, it wants that 'something' more than ever before. 

I get a lot of blog ideas when I'm chopping veggies or cooking. They are clouds of disparate thoughts gently moving with the push of the wind. I try to freeze the thoughts for a later time in the day when I might be able to elaborate on them here. But in the time between finishing my cooking, other chores, writing for my workplace and getting to my personal space here, I realize that I probably don't want to talk about those thoughts anymore. They now seem insignificant or irrelevant.

I look back on my previous posts to try and identify my strong areas. Topics that I might have touched upon frequently, posts that may have been liked and read by more people. What I see amazes and terrifies me. I don't have a genre. I have written on random topics; from maids to shopping dilemmas to fiction to parenting. I cannot categorize my blog. I don't specialize. I have no authority on any subject. It's freeing but also frightening because without a direction you often get lost which is what is happening to me. It's also sad because I don't give my readers any motivation or reason to keep coming back for more. I've nothing specific to offer; no tips, no solutions, no literature, no comic relief.  Random is what I specialize in. Perhaps rants too. And, of late, posts that lament the loss of writing mojo. Maybe, I could specialize on that ;-)

So, let me figure out how much more random I want to get. In the meanwhile, if you thought I wrote well on a particular topic, please do tell me. Sometimes, others can see what you can't, isn't it? 


  1. Writing about diverse topics is also a talent .. keep writing about whatever you feel like . It may strike you as odd, but it is not about an audience but your own expression :)

    1. wow..what a lovely way to put it, "it is not about an audience but your own expression" I do agree. And, it's not about the audience too, although yes, it will be good to be read. I'm trying to find that lost inspiration to write. Thanks, Shubha for writing in and motivating me. Coming from a lovely writer as you, it feels special :-)

  2. Diversity is not everyone's cup of tea. So, this needs to be celebrated.

    1. Thanks, Onkar for taking out time to read my posts and leaving a comment :-)

  3. Dear Uma,

    Life is not about specifics. Writers and poets don't wait for an audience. No one guaranteed the Bard that 400 years down the ages, people will read his volumes, and draw relevance to modern life.
    Writing is expression in words about what the mind feels at that moment.
    Keep writing, no matter whether you receive comments or no comments at all.
    Posterity will decide the worth of your ideas and thoughts.
    Good luck.

    1. Chittappa, thank you so much for taking the time out to read and write in such a thoughtful comment. Indeed, I'm my own audience. Whether or not, my writing is worth its weight, I'll continue on my quest to finding the motivation that will egg me on to write for my own self :-)

  4. Uma, on the other hand, I feel this is your blogs usp. You are random and people are always in for a surprise. It keeps your space fresh. My blog too never has a theme ... It's general and I write what affects me or what I think.... In fact I've had people tell me they read me just because of that.

    A theme blog / a blog that writes on one/two topics often gets repetitive after a certain point and I lose interest in them very fast. I like yours bcz it funny, at times thought provoking, there are travel stories, there are stories from your childhood, your kid and so so many things.... It's refreshing to read these stories.

    I think you should continue exploring and floating in this universe than settling yourself on one planet!

    And y'all, there are so many things that goes into blog mode in my mind but when I actually have to write it, it seems too mediocre or insignificant. If there was a direct link from my thinking to blog, there,d have been more than a thousand posts in a month!

    Cheers to you and your abundant writing!

    1. Purnimaaaa! It's always nice to get comments from old blog friends :-) Thank you so much for the encouraging words. yes, I used to like to be unfettered but ever since the urge to put down every thought into a blog post began to diminish, it sort of created a panic because I felt there's nothing worth writing. So, I guess I should work on getting that mad enthusiasm back.
      Agree with you on that direct link to thinking. In fact there are a few drafts waiting to see light :-)
      Thank you, again. I'll continue to be random :-)

    2. Awwww that "purnimaaaaa" of yours made me feel like I was hugging a long lost friend! I know if late even I haven't been reading you.... I hope I will be a regular now

  5. Hi Uma lovely reading your blog. You know what I wrote a long post for you and just a tap on the wrong place on the touchscreen and poof...all got lost. I wrote quite a lot to encourage you to keep writing your blog's. Thoughts cloud our mind while doing the most mundane but the most necessary jobs..they want to be recorded right away.. And the intensity of the thought gets lost or weakens ones you really get to writing it down. But nevertheless it's important that one does write it down.. As you write we delve in our deeper self and the origin of the thought. At the moment it may not mean anything but as one progresses in delving deeper there's a lot of introspection. And for the readers it is thought provoking... Like I've got very many quirky habits myself!!! Ha ha;-) keep posting randomly.. It sure triggers a thought!!

    1. Rachana, I'm so glad to know that you read my blog and even more touched that you took out time to write words of encouragement for me. So true about our thoughts leading to deeper introspection. I'll surely strive to keep this space alive. Thank you so much for being there :-)


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