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Of R's first stage performance and adios to his first school

March 19th was R's annual day at school. The event was a sort of culmination of the year round of school and fun activities as the school closed for the academic year on Friday with a potluck party. The theme for the annual day was "festivals of India". Something I came to know when the invitation cards were sent out a couple of days prior to the event.

The practice sessions had begun a month earlier. I, like many other parents, was very curious to know the song on which R was to perform. But, the little man knows to keep his secrets. No amount of prodding, direct or indirect questioning lead to any clues. All he would proudly display was the smiley and star caricature on his fist, that the teacher would draw as a mark of appreciation for dancing well. On a few occasions, he did tell me that he is dancing ( to my horror) to dhinka-chika. The song would change the next day to (more horror) why this kolaveri di? I decided to refrain from asking him any further, lest he adde…

The Oath of The Vayuputras

The wait was finally over when I ordered the book from Flipkart and had it delivered sometime last week. With a length of around 600 pages, this was a book I knew would taker longer to finish. I never considered myself as a great reader but I was definitely better. Over the years, especially after marriage and motherhood, I have become a slow and poor reader. Necessary and unnecessary distractions keep me away from a book and unless the book is an absolute show-stopper with a well-written and etched out story line, I can take my own sweet time to complete it. Also, too many characters and details fog my little brain and I tend to gloss over those very details to focus on the larger picture!

Back to the book, sadly, it was not just the length that slowed the speed. The build up of the first two parts seemed to lose steam in the third and the parts containing the revelation just dragged on. Also, I am plagued by a certain doubt that is surely nagging many others too, "why is the boo…

The creative blogger

is what Keirthana, who blogs at The Undefined, thinks of me. I am truly honoured that she thinks so and has passed on The Creative Blogger award to me. Thank You, Keirthana!

I started reading Keirthana's blog a few months ago and love the way she writes. She comes across as a no-nonsense person in her real life and her honest writing reflects her personality. I do wish she blogs more often, though.

Of late, I am being tardy at picking up awards and doing the tag. Recently someone passed on some award and I royally forgot all about it. To the extent that now I don't even remember who passed on what. My apologies to whoever it is. I am sure you understand that it was totally unintentional. So, before this tag also gets buried in the busy life, I thought I should take it up. Keirthana has been sweet enough to not add a long list of questions as a tag. 

Her question is a simple one: What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Beauty'?

A lot comes to my mind, includi…

Delicate parenting

is something I come across many a time.

I  understand that as parents of toddlers who cannot stand up for themselves when placed in an unfavourable situation, it is the duty of the guardians to support them and teach them to stand up for themselves. However, the important part here is teaching the child to hold his/her own rather than conveying the message that the parent/guardian will fight the child's battles or that every little thing that does not go in the child's favour needs to be taken seriously.

But, these are exactly the things I see some parents do. The child falls down mildly and the mother rushes to pick the child up (even if the child is old enough to pick himself up) and smother him/her with concerns. Or, the child is hurt due to a playmate's playful prank and the mother sure enough flies off the handle. Now, if the child is really hurt, I can understand the anxiety on the mother's part. More often than not, the child is simply testing whether the mild …

Of movie, celebrations,good food and some musings

Only someone who has been living under the rocks would have missed knowing that yesterday was the International Women's Day. The husband and I, on the other hand, celebrate this day each year without fail. Not because the husband is extremely conscious of this day and chooses to make it special for his lady, but because, we chose to get married on this day!

So, the celebrations included watching Kai Po Che and a lovely dinner. I had read the book- The three mistakes of my life on which the movie is based- a few years ago and don't really remember how much I liked it. So, cannot say whether the movie is better than the book or not. All I can say is I liked the movie. Some lovely acting, good cinematography, realistic depiction and no melodrama.

The Savvy-Savannah Sinclairs was a new restaurant we tried out for dinner and were not disappointed. While the Ala-carte menu seemed a little limited, the food was really good.

This year we completed six years of married life. Don't kn…

When FB and google beckon

I've fallen into the net,
laid by the mighty internet
FB and google rule the roost
while I follow post after post

Dishes wait and so does lunch
I'm a busy person, online forever
Juggling many a browser,
time for me is, sigh!, a crunch

Typing away furiously one day
the milk overflowed and dried away
the curry was a little salty
and the husband remarked a bit nasty

Said I, "Oh, what do you know
I've an image with fans and follow
Who will run the Facebook
if I turn into a cook?"

Hubby looked a little scared
for,the woman he married
seemed a little mad
I smirked a bit and added,

"I need to go, 've tasks on hand-
 there are comments to be liked,
some pending 'group' invite.
Then there are posts to be shared,
which also need my expert advise"

I can be your friend on FB,
share your jokes and add repartee
But, beware I could spill the beans too
and click the 'un-friend' tab next to you!"

Hubby made a hasty retreat
there was no way he…