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The creative blogger

is what Keirthana, who blogs at The Undefined, thinks of me. I am truly honoured that she thinks so and has passed on The Creative Blogger award to me. Thank You, Keirthana!

I started reading Keirthana's blog a few months ago and love the way she writes. She comes across as a no-nonsense person in her real life and her honest writing reflects her personality. I do wish she blogs more often, though.

Of late, I am being tardy at picking up awards and doing the tag. Recently someone passed on some award and I royally forgot all about it. To the extent that now I don't even remember who passed on what. My apologies to whoever it is. I am sure you understand that it was totally unintentional. So, before this tag also gets buried in the busy life, I thought I should take it up. Keirthana has been sweet enough to not add a long list of questions as a tag. 

Her question is a simple one: What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Beauty'?

A lot comes to my mind, including the cliched saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Sadly, of course, the conventional form of beauty still clinches the deal in the outside world. The appearance makes the first impression and the general notion is to cash in on that part of the advantage, if you have one. The worst perpetrators of this notion are the media and Ad makers. The Fairness cream Ads and its likes seem to be a slap in face of the modern woman who is trying hard to defy the conventions, yet cannot fight against being weighed in the archaic scale. While there is no harm in looking good or trying to improve your appearance by way of treatments or usage of cosmetics, the underlying aim and fantasy of achieving that perfect skin, colour and look at any cost needs to be broken down.

Beauty cannot be associated with skin colour or conventional looks. Little girls need to be taught to respect themselves for what they are from within. They need to be empowered and educated to take the inward journey to recognize their true worth. Little boys need to be taught to look beyond facial features. They need to be educated and empowered too-to respect women for what they are truly worth. When, and only when, this happens, the gender equation will balance out and the shift from outward beauty to inner goodness will happen.

While, I am not nominating any particular blogger(s) for the award, I wish to pass this to all the lovely writers out there. Thanks, once again, Keirthana for a lovely prompt.


  1. Congratulations! A well deserved award.
    To me, if one has the ability to spread warmth and comfort by one's mere presence, then he/she is beautiful. (The kind of feeling that we get when mom is at home)

    1. thanks, Aarthy..loved your take!

  2. Thanks for the compliments!

    Well written Uma, really enjoyed the piece :) For me, beauty lies within! Although exterior beauty fools the eyes, when it comes to situations that matter it is the inner beauty that saves the day.

    I too hope that I find more time to write.

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

  3. Congratulations! :) well deserved!

  4. Congrats Uma!! Keep going!! And yes, I agree with your thoughts on beauty... Truly speaking, beauty should be associated with the soul of the person rather than his/her appearance..

  5. Congrats Uma....u totally deserve the tag as the variety of subjects you have posted on the ur blog merits it:-)).

    p.s: long break btn posts???? Very unlike you:-)????

    1. hey Nancy, thanks so are being kind to say so :-)
      yeah..unable to post like before..brains not working ;-)

  6. I totally agree with you Uma, there is so much emphasis on physical beauty these days. And I like what Aarthy and Keirthana say too. I find all the people I interact with over a time beautiful - beauty grows on you literally. Also for me contentment, confidence, health, varied experiences in life, outlook all attribute a great deal to make a person beautiful.

    1. True, Vibha..when a person is genuinely good at heart, s/he becomes beautiful..


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