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Of movie, celebrations,good food and some musings

Only someone who has been living under the rocks would have missed knowing that yesterday was the International Women's Day. The husband and I, on the other hand, celebrate this day each year without fail. Not because the husband is extremely conscious of this day and chooses to make it special for his lady, but because, we chose to get married on this day!

So, the celebrations included watching Kai Po Che and a lovely dinner. I had read the book- The three mistakes of my life on which the movie is based- a few years ago and don't really remember how much I liked it. So, cannot say whether the movie is better than the book or not. All I can say is I liked the movie. Some lovely acting, good cinematography, realistic depiction and no melodrama.

The Savvy-Savannah Sinclairs was a new restaurant we tried out for dinner and were not disappointed. While the Ala-carte menu seemed a little limited, the food was really good.

This year we completed six years of married life. Don't know whether to make a big deal out of it or not. It is after all the quality time spent together that matters. Talking of which, I find it difficult to remember when was the last time the husband and I sat down for a quiet chat. The background always seems to have the little one chattering and clamouring for attention. Especially and more so when he sees us settle down to talk!

Talking of numbers, this blog crossed 50,000 views yesterday. I began the year with the resolution to read, write and travel more. The first quarter results doesn't seem very promising. I haven't been writing as much I thought I should be. The enthusiasm and creativity seems to be fading away. On the reading front, I got my hands on the third book of the Shiva trilogy-The Oath of the Vayuputras and I'm on it. This makes it the third book in the past three months and while it may not sound like an awesome statistic, it makes me feel a little better. I am doing better than before. I have, sadly, nothing to update on the travel front.

So, folks, that's all the mumbo-jumbo from my end. Wishing you all a happy weekend!


  1. Happy anni and many happy returns of the day,Girl!

  2. Happy Anniversary and that sure was a great day to get married on :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!
    I wanted to watch Kai Po Che too .. Now that you've given good reviews, I can go ahead.
    I think its an achievement on the reading front with a family to take care of .. So I must say you are doing well:)
    Wishing you much more travel in the months to come by!

  4. Happy Wedding Anniversary with all wishes and abundant blessings for your happiness and prosperity!
    Happy Women;s Day though belated!!
    Heart Congratulations on crossing 50,000 views!!!

  5. Many happy returns of this day.......:)

    Even I liked Kai Po che.... regarding chatting with hubby, my li'l one wants to have her conversations at the same time when we talk :)

  6. Happy anniversary!!!! :) My best wishes to you and your hubby :)

    Planning to watch Kai po che, glad that I have a baseline that it is good. And hi-five on the oath of vayuputras. On it and liking it so far.

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

  7. Happy anniversary Uma!!! Glad u had a fun day. Wish you many happy returns. Haven't read the book on which Kai po che is based but I am sure the movie is better ;)

  8. Oh! Happy Anniversary to you both! :) Glad that you enjoyed the day! and Hearty Congrats on the page hits! It just goes to show that you are on the right track! Here's to many more good times, good reads, awesome travel tales and fab blog posts!


  9. Belated happy anniversary Uma ,Talk abt esser couple time after the little one's arrival ha ha . That's why even if one gets some time together and alone it becomes extra special eh ? I hated that book of Chetan but the movie makers seem to have done a good job . At least that's what reviews say .

  10. Happy anniversary, Uma. The challenging year 7's here, eh?! I hope it's a good one. :)
    Already got your hands on the The Oath of the Vayuputras? Enjoy that. I am looking forward to a copy of my own.

  11. @ All: Thank you very much for the good wishes :-))))

  12. Wow...6 years. Many congratulations :)

  13. Wow, happy anniversary...Hope both of you have a happy and a long life together...

  14. I know my wishes are belated .. Happy anniversary! Have so many books and movies to catch up on .. kai po che is definitely on the list

  15. Thank you,all you lovely people:-)

  16. Hey Uma, belated anniversary wishes! I don't know how I missed this post. Great to know you had a nice day. I have a March wedding too:) I am too far behind in watching movies - yet to see Life of Pi too:( And books, don't ask. All other resolutions too are languishing on the to-do list :((

    1. thanks, Vibha...when's your anniv? hope we get to fulfilling our to-do list soon!

  17. Belated Anniversary Wishes !

  18. Hmmm.. I don't know how I got so backlogged on your blog, have been lax on my blog reading this month :(.

    Belated Happy Anniversary to you and hubby, and congrats on the 50K :)!!

    1. it's ok, Aparna :-) and thanks :-)))


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