Simmering under a low fire,
                         slowly rising to the surface
making no noise,
                       of it's impending advance

Hastening suddenly 
                       as it reaches the summit
raging loudly,
                    pouring out in a split

Oh! haven't we all experienced,
                        the agony of being late, just by a second 
in simmering down the flame,
                         just as the milk rose to fame

A perfect kitchen spoiler, 

                           nothing short of a disaster
was just waiting to happen,
                          surely a ploy by the Heaven!

Who has not cried over spilt milk?.It definitely spells disaster on a perfect morning.

 My take on today's promt-Disaster for the Blog-a-prompt


  1. :) I can so relate to these lines :D Happened to me many a times in the kitchen!

    1. that was fast, Divya! :-)
      yes, we have all experienced such disasters, haven't we?

  2. Lovely take on the prompt! And yes I have faced it too a couple of times :)

  3. Too good Uma :).. it used to be nearly a daily occurrence for me, nowadays I just leave it on sim, or stand right by with an eagle eye!

  4. Stand there a minute or two watch the milk arise.
    Dont let it bloat its ego so
    Much that it disappoints

  5. ha ha .. good one .. I do this very often :)

  6. ha ha :D haven't it happened to all of us. what a mess a second of delay creates. Very nice take.


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