How to not write- #YeahWrite377

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Yell at the household for not doing their bit to tidy the mess. You end up wasting time you’d rather spend writing, this you remind them with accusatory fingers.

Decide today that the cleaning can wait. Open the word document. Remind yourself that there is a quick link to it on the desktop status bar.

Stare at the clean slate. Then stare some more. Blink away the saline droplets that are threatening to spill over the edge of the pool your eyes are swimming in. Convince yourself that you’ll find the words to translate these tears one day.

A fresh mind works, always. It’s a voice you sometimes hear.

Close the empty space before you and step into the doors of Facebook or whatever that’s enchanting and welcoming at that point.

Get swept away in the avalanche of advice by wannabe experts that generously share their wisdom on everything from gardening to making babies, from meditation to taking out the garbage the right way.

Let your head spin in the overdose of virtual hobnobbing and hit the bed with a mid-day hangover.

Take a break, come back rejuvenated, implores the same sagacious voice. Check. Writing breaks in your life now are pretty much regular guests that overstay their visit.

Read other writers for inspiration. It’s an advice that cannot be ignored. So, curl up and lose yourself in the labyrinths of splendid prose and poetry. The pen you hold, heavy with envy and self-pity, embarrasses you with its juvenile craft.

Sigh. Glance up in time to the sun slipping under the inky covers and jump off to chop your thoughts for dinner.

An idea sprouts up unexpectedly just as the soft paneer goes under the gleaming knife. Swiftly scoop it up before it blends into in the simmering curry before you. Take quick strides to plant the seed into the still-open Word.doc but bump mid-way into your sulking pre-teen.  

You lose just a split-second in deciding to nurture your fledgling, an adult-in-progress, over saving the germ of a story. The latter, though, wastes no time in slinking away.

You’re left to contend with a clean document and a dirty house.


  1. That was a nice post, a soothing salve to similar souls wanting to write but unable to translate the desire into a post.At least you have chores calling your attention as an alibi for your inaction but what about poor me with no worries save the barren mind like Thar desert with no thoughts that I can weave into story!
    But you have very cleverly written an interesting post on this matter itself.Keep writing often.
    Belated birthday wishes, Uma
    Thanks for dropping in

    1. Chores are just an excuse, KP sir. Truth be told my mind is also barren. Other times I feel that I've lost the will to write and share. Thank you for visiting, Sir :)

  2. Pl ignore the birthday wishes part as I mistook someone elses’s date as yours.

  3. I think many of us can identify with this. So many lovely turns of phrase. A favorite: "jump off to chop your thoughts for dinner."


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